strengthening relationships l.
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Strengthening Relationships

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Strengthening Relationships - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Strengthening Relationships. A Life Skills Workshop Presented by Dr. Lowell G. Roddy, LMFT Assistant Director, Counseling & Testing. “To have a friend, be a friend.”. Relationship : the state of being related.

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Strengthening Relationships

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strengthening relationships

Strengthening Relationships

A Life Skills Workshop

Presented by

Dr. Lowell G. Roddy, LMFT

Assistant Director, Counseling & Testing


Relationship: the state of being related.

Related: 1. connected by some understood relationship. 2. connected through membership in the same family.

The key is CONNECTION.

relationship assumptions
Relationship Assumptions
  • Successful relationships are basic to successful living.
  • Keeping relationships healthy deserves a high priority.
  • Your marriage or significant other is your most important relationship.
  • You can learn to understand how to make your relationship work.
types of relationships
Types of Relationships
  • Family relationships
  • Occasional (“anonymous”) relationships – clerks, waiters
  • Casual relationships (acquaintances) – some people at work, professors, classmates
  • Friendships – people with whom you seek interactions, whose company you enjoy
  • Romantic relationships – passionate, emotional connection, usually reciprocal
aspects of friendship
Keeps confidence





Sense of humor

Willingness to make time for me


Good conversationalist


Social conscience

Aspects of Friendship
six rules for friends
Six Rules for Friends
  • Share news of success with a friend.
  • Show emotional support.
  • Volunteer help in time of need.
  • Strive to make a friend happy when in each other’s company.
  • Trust and confide in each other.
  • Stand up for a friend in his/her absence.
development of a close relationship
Development of a Close Relationship
  • Zero contact
  • Stage 1: unilateral contact
  • Stage 2: bilateral contact
  • Stage 3: mutuality
close relationships
Close Relationships
  • Relatively long-lasting
  • Frequent interaction
  • Mutual activities
  • Impact of interactions is strong