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Power of Video Online. How video is changing the way we find prospects and convert sales online. Agenda. Is Video Right for your Business? Type of Video to Use How to Market Your Videos YouTube Channels & Videos Questions. What is taking Place?.

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Power of video online l.jpg

Power of Video Online

How video is changing the way we find prospects and convert sales online

Agenda l.jpg

  • Is Video Right for your Business?

  • Type of Video to Use

  • How to Market Your Videos

  • YouTube Channels & Videos

  • Questions

What is taking place l.jpg
What is taking Place?

84.8 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience viewed online video

The average online video viewer watched 9.8 hours of video

The duration of the average online video was 3.8 minutes

If YouTube were a country it would be the 3rd biggest in the world

125.5 million viewers watched nearly 10.3 billion videos on YouTube

20 hours of new video content is added to YouTube every minute of every day.

Social tool l.jpg
Social Tool

48% of companies say online video is their 2nd most important social media tool

Video integration l.jpg
Video Integration

16% of SMBs in the US have integrated video to their website in the last year

Video production7 l.jpg
Video Production


  • Cost Efficient

  • Personal

  • Authentic


  • High Quality

  • Professional

  • Saves Time

Video production8 l.jpg
Video Production


  • Low Quality

  • Additional Work

  • Time Consuming


  • Expensive

  • Lower Conversion

Factors to consider l.jpg
Factors to Consider

  • Depends on Industry

  • What Goals are for Video

  • Type of Video

  • Customer Base

Conclusion l.jpg

For Most Companies In-House

Video Production is the

Best Route to take

Slide11 l.jpg

So, You’re Making Your Own Video Now What?

Topics for video l.jpg
Topics For Video

The Golden Rule: Produce Value!

  • Promote an Upcoming Event

  • Create a Video Power Point to Explain a Whitepaper

  • Create Product Reviews

  • Help Customers Match Accessories with Your Products

  • Create Video ‘How To Guides’

3 types of video to improve conversion l.jpg
3 Types of Video to Improve Conversion

  • Introductions

  • Video Testimonials

  • Tips and Advice

30 second introduction l.jpg
30 Second Introduction

  • First Impressions are Crucial!

  • Engage your audience

  • Build more rapport and trust with customers

Video testimonials l.jpg
Video Testimonials

  • Build Credibility for your business

  • Place video testimonials in key decision making areas (checkout, form submission)

Tips and advice l.jpg
Tips and Advice

“Offer your customers free tools and resources. It will increase the level of trust and encourage your customers to view you as a go to place for information.”

Search engines l.jpg
Search Engines

Getting indexed, building rankings and getting traffic

Getting the most juice l.jpg
Getting the Most Juice

Title Tags 1) Catchy Title2) Use Keywords

Getting the most juice19 l.jpg
Getting the Most Juice

Other Ways toBuild Authority…



Video optimization l.jpg
Video Optimization

  • SEO Tagging for Video

  • Link back to site

  • Keyword Rich Description

  • Video Ranked ahead of Website!

Video optimization case study l.jpg
Video Optimization Case Study

  • Quicker Results on Search Engines

  • Video placed on Home Page

  • Multiple listings for site

Going viral l.jpg
Going Viral?

Allow for Embedding

Syndicate Your Content!

1) Tube Mogul 2) Traffic Geyser 3) Clip Syndicate

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Marketing your content l.jpg
Marketing Your Content

Email Marketing

Display Advertising

Content Syndication

Press Releases


Email marketing l.jpg
Email Marketing

Engaging with video has been proven to

extend the amount of time viewers spend

reading your emails.

Display adverting l.jpg
Display Adverting

A study by OTX….

  • Revealed online video ads far more effective in terms of brand recall when compared to Television. 

  • User attention 1.5 times more than TV ads.

  • Brand recall through YouTube amplified approximately 140% compared to TV.

Syndicating your video l.jpg
Syndicating Your Video

  • Syndication places video in multiple places

  • Videos appear more and more often in search results

  • Rank Multiple times for keywords

  • Send more referral traffic to your site.

Syndicating your video28 l.jpg
Syndicating Your Video

  • Share videos, photos & more

  • Over 100 websites

  • Easy to Upload videos

  • Better Analytics

  • Limited to Videos

  • Great Reporting

Press releases l.jpg
Press Releases

  • Embed video in your press releases

  • Recent studies tested between releases with and without video and found that those with video had much lower bounce rates and higher click through rates.

Blogs l.jpg

  • Blogs are companies voice

  • Keep your videos in the ‘sweet spot’ (around two minutes)

Youtube l.jpg

Channel Design

Youtube32 l.jpg

  • YouTube channels archive all of your videos for users to be able to watch.

  • Customize the look and feel of your channel to be unique and representative of your business

Growth of video content online l.jpg
Growth of Video Content Online


  • 178 million people watched 33.2 billion videos

  • Average viewer watching 187 videos per month in the U.S.

Moving forward l.jpg
Moving Forward

Five Steps to Market

Your Business Better with Video

Moving forward38 l.jpg
Moving Forward

Aim for Authentic, Actionable Content

Moving forward39 l.jpg
Moving Forward

Optimize Video for Google Search

Moving forward40 l.jpg
Moving Forward

Add Video to Your Facebook Page

Moving forward41 l.jpg
Moving Forward

Get your Video on YouTube and Third Party Video Sites

Moving forward42 l.jpg
Moving Forward

Add Video to Your Google Local Business Listing

Conclusion43 l.jpg

  • Online video has been and will continue to grow in 2010.

  • Simple, in house videos have a greater impact than professionally designed video.

  • Video is an inexpensive way to increase your company’s exposure and better market your business online

Questions l.jpg