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Magnolia National Park

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Magnolia National Park. By Casey Carpenter, Elissa Cleland, and Megan Hoey. Environmentalist. Effects of Construction on Wildlife .

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magnolia national park

Magnolia National Park

By Casey Carpenter, Elissa Cleland, and Megan Hoey

effects of construction on wildlife
Effects of Construction on Wildlife

To prevent animals from running out into the road, our park is going to have a raised road over the rivers surrounding our biome. The slope would gradually lessen into a parking lot where not a lot of the animals are. Trails through the swamps will probally affect animals because like the roads, we are going to have raised boardwalks. This might make the land less accessible for the animals, but it could also make it easier for some creatures to travel from treetops to swamp ground. Not many plants should be affected at all by this.

  • July and August are not the best visiting times because it’s extremely rainy. We open earlier in those months so that families can get in before the rain and when the temperatures are cooler. Spring and fall are the best, dryest months to visit. They avoid hurricane season and coincide with bird migrations.
rivers around park
Rivers Around Park
  • The rivers around our swamp could overflow so we’ll need a floodzone. The swamp water could rise so we’ll have to build our boardwalks high enough to avoid flooding. The rivers flow south west into the Mississippi so flooding into the swamps won’t be a problem because it’ll go around it.

The normal family that comes to Magnolia National Park will spend about $135. Even if we only have one family come each day, we will be making about $49,275 a year. This doesn’t include refreshments, food, and the gift shop. If we have one family come each day to our park, we will be making about $246,375 every five years.


We will not go bankrupt because we are bringing in so much money each day.

We have a chart that shows us how much money we earn each day vs. how much money we spend each day. Here is an example:


The chart makes sure we don’t spend any money that we don’t have.

The membership cards are another reason we will not go bankrupt. People will buy the cards, and come back and spend more money on food, drinks, activities, etc.

sanitation plan
Sanitation Plan

This is a plan that people are actually using. The plan is basically, you get a decomposible plastic bag that you can place your waste into. You place your bag into a special trash bin.

The waste from the bathrooms will be changed into energy like the ,“Poop to power program,” showed above. The waste is empied out from the toliets, brought to the open area across from out park, and there it is transferred to energy. Our area will look similer to this:

everyone discussion
Everyone Discussion
  • Our area should be protected because it contains one of the last Easter Cougars in existence. Not preserving the area that our national park covers could potentially end the species since they are already endangered.
  • The government should fund the construction of the park because it could educate Americans and the residents of Louisiana about their beautiful biomes and swamps. Constructing the park would preserve the wildlife already present in the swamps and continue to watch the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, swamps blossom and grow.
  • Our money making strategies consist of charging for parking, refreshments, tour guides, zip lining courses, scavenger hunts, campground usage, membership cards, admission, and snacks. We should earn enough money to stop relying on the government for support after only a few years of business.
our park
Our Park
  • Our park should be quite successful and be a wonderful national park. Our only hope is that people enjoy themselves and the natural beauty and animals of Louisiana swamps. Have fun!