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HRMS Users Group 1:30 – 3:00 pm 10/07/10 Clark Center Auditorium PowerPoint Presentation
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HRMS Users Group 1:30 – 3:00 pm 10/07/10 Clark Center Auditorium

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HRMS Users Group 1:30 – 3:00 pm 10/07/10 Clark Center Auditorium - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HRMS Users Group 1:30 – 3:00 pm 10/07/10 Clark Center Auditorium. Agenda. HR Information Systems Reminders/Updates – Vicky Tran (10) Trovix Recruitment Manager System – Ingrid Hartmann (10) Payroll Updates – Kelly Wright (20) Benefits Refresher – Ann Klug & Agnes Miller (15).

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HRMS Users Group 1:30 – 3:00 pm 10/07/10 Clark Center Auditorium

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Presentation Transcript

HRMS Users Group

1:30 – 3:00 pm 10/07/10Clark Center Auditorium

  • HR Information Systems Reminders/Updates

– Vicky Tran (10)

  • Trovix Recruitment Manager System

– Ingrid Hartmann (10)

  • Payroll Updates

– Kelly Wright (20)

  • Benefits Refresher

– Ann Klug & Agnes Miller (15)

hr information systems overview
HR Information Systems Overview
  • Changes to Authority Manager
  • Inactive Org Codes
  • Update a Position
  • Contingent Workforce Report
  • Getting Access to PeopleSoft
important changes to authority manager
Important Changes to Authority Manager
  • What’s Changed?
    • Effective September 1, 2010
    • Only termination/retirement of an employee will result in auto-revocation in Authority Manager
    • Other status or affiliation changes must be reviewed by authority grantors, who will then revoke and re-grant authority as deemed appropriate
    • Administrative Systems and Financial Information & Reporting Systems sent out a communication to all authority grantors with additional information back in August

Inactive Org Codes

  • Updating an existing position number that has an inactive DeptID and then hiring someone with the position number
      • OrgHierarchyCodes are updated quarterly on 3/1, 7/1, 9/1, 12/1
      • Update position number with an active org code
        • Refer to the Organizational Hierarchy in the Axess Portal
      • Position Management
        • Department description is not displayed when it is an inactive org code
update a position
Update a Position
  • Update a Position and Reclassification
    • Uncheck Update Incumbents if you do not want the employee’s Job Data to be updated. Otherwise, leave the default as is
    • Bargaining Unit (SEIU and Police) employees only - Uncheck the Include Salary Plan/Grade box to avoid unwanted changes to Step and Hourly rate feeding over to the employee’s Job Data record when updating a position. 
      • If reclassifying a BU position, be sure this box is checked
      • For all other position types, leave the default as is
contingent workforce report
Contingent Workforce Report
  • New Contingent Workforce Audit Report (HR_075)
    • Hours over 840
    • Hours over 1000
  • ReportMart1 HR, (Payroll, Benefits Systems -> HR Audit Reports folder)
    • Job Aid also available
getting access to peoplesoft
Getting Access to PeopleSoft
    • Originator or Expert User
    • Step 1: The Human Resources Manager (HRM) grants authority to the new user in Authority Manager
    • Step 2: Complete the PeopleSoft Concepts & Compliance online training and fax the certification to Administrative Systems at 3-4564
    • Step 3: Enroll in HR PeopleSoft training through STARS
      • (HRMS-101) New Expert User Training or
      • (HRMS-102) New Web Form Originator Training
    • Step 4: Complete the five exams and fax it to HR Information Systems at 5-8234 (Required for Expert User)
  • Visit the HR Data website for more information
      • For new HR users, RegAdmin will no longer be granted
        • Conduct Search Match to search for existing IDs in PeopleSoft and Registry
trovix overview
Trovix Overview
  • What happened on August 28th?
  • Real Time Resume Processing
  • Trovix – “Follow-Up”
  • “Trovix System” Page – OSE Website
trovix recruitment manager system version 3 0 4
Trovix Recruitment Manager Systemversion 3.0.4
  • What happened on August 28?
    • Stanford University implemented the “Two Step” Question on Saturday, August 28, 2010
    • Applicants are required to complete the mandatory fields of “Gender,” “Ethnicity,” and “Race” before submitting their resume and/or cover letter
    • Applicants have the ability to multi-select the “Race” category
real time resume processing
Real Time Resume Processing
  • What does this mean for your department?
    • Applicants will be in your candidate pool within one hour from their submittal! HR & hiring managers must be logged into Trovix to review resumes and/or cover letters
    • Or, you can continue to wait until the next business day to receive your “Email Alerts” via Outlook
trovix follow up
Trovix – Follow-Up
  • This is an optional feature that you may use to filter those candidates that you requested “Feedback” from hiring managers and/or committee members
trovix system page ose website
“Trovix System” Page – OSE Website
  • The # 1 visited page on the OSE website!
  • Located at
  • Visit the “Trovix System” page to review Trovix Permissions, Job Aids & FAQs, including Training
payroll overview
Payroll Overview
  • Year End Information
  • Axess Timecard: Adjust Paid Time
  • Tips & Reminders
  • Payroll Updates
year end payroll deadlines
Year End: Payroll Deadlines

Payday will be Monday, 12/20 (During the Winter Closure)

Accelerated deadlines

  • Paper forms Noon on Wed, 12/15
  • PeopleSoft entries 9pm on Wed, 12/15
  • PeopleSoft Lockout All day Thurs, 12/16
  • Axess Timecard Noon on Thurs, 12/16

Review complete list of Year End Payroll deadlines at:


year end axess timecard
Year End: Axess Timecard
  • Accrual Borrowing
    • To cover time that would be otherwise unpaid during the Winter Closure, employees may borrow:
        • December 2010 vacation accrual
        • 2011 Floating Holiday
        • 2011 PTO
    • Monitor borrowing for less than 100% FTE employees
        • Floating and PTO grants are prorated by FTE
  • Holiday Pay
    • For employees with pre-loaded schedules:
      • ‘Apply Schedule’ will load holiday hours based upon employee schedule for the day of the holiday
    • For employees without pre-loaded schedules
      • Axess Timecard Support will load holiday hours to timecards prior to the start of the pay period containing the holiday(s)
    • Modify holiday pay grants for less than 100% FTE employees as needed to reflect the applicable policy
year end check distribution
Year End: Check Distribution
  • Online Pay Statements (
    • Available to view by all employees, including those who receive live checks, on Friday 12/17
    • Ask employees to verify pay first thing in the morning on 12/17
  • Direct Deposits
    • Will post on Monday 12/20
    • Note: Stanford Federal Credit Union will also post on 12/20, not earlier
  • Live Checks
    • Will be mailed via US Mail by 12/20 to employees at their mailing address
    • Alternate delivery arrangements, other than direct deposit, will not be available
  • Paper Advices
    • Will be distributed to departments via ID mail after the Winter Closure
year end direct deposit
Year End: Direct Deposit
  • Payroll Direct Deposit Enrollment Campaign
    • For 10/15 and 11/15 pay periods, Payroll will attach a flyer to all live paychecks to :
      • Encourage direct deposit enrollment
      • Describe the mailing arrangement for the 12/15 paychecks
  • Local Direct Deposit Campaigns
    • Please encourage employees in your area to enroll
    • Identify recipients of live checks by reviewing the Gross Pay Report
    • For employees who will not enroll, advise them to verify/update their mailing address in StanfordYou
      • Stop payments, if paychecks are lost in the US Mail, will be processed after the Winter Closure
year end verifying pay pay corrections
Year End:Verifying Pay & Pay Corrections
  • Gross Pay Report Available on Fri, 12/17
    • Plan staffing during the morning on 12/17 to verify employees’ pay and to make any corrections
  • Payroll will make every attempt to process requests for missing pay received on 12/17
    • All requests must have appropriate departmental approvals
      • Payroll cannot cut a check without departmental approval
    • Requests for other types of non-base pay will be processed only if time allows
  • Extended Off-Cycle Check Web Form Deadlines
    • By 1pm on 12/17
      • Delivery to the Campus Service Counter at 3pm
    • After 1pm – end of day on 12/17
      • Pickup must be arranged from Porter Drive
    • Checks not picked up will be mailed
year end reminders
Year End: Reminders
  • Collect outstanding overpayments as early as possible, but no later than December 13
  • Return uncashed checks to Payroll for cancellation, if the funds are not due to the employee, by December 17
  • Request year end bonus payments with the 11/30 payroll
    • Allow yourself time to focus on verifying base employee pay for the 12/15 pay period!
  • Plan for staffing through Friday, December 17 to:
    • Verify Gross Pay
    • Assist employees with payroll issues
  • Review the Year End Closure Reminders Email
    • Distributed in mid-November to hrpeoplesoftusers and axesstimecardadmins email lists
axess timecard adjust paid time
Axess Timecard: Adjust Paid Time
  • Axess Timecard Adjust Paid Time will be modified to allow leave entry corrections to pass to employee paychecks
  • This change creates:
    • A simplified accounting trail for transactions
    • Increased visibility of the correction for the employee
axess timecard adjust paid time24
Axess Timecard: Adjust Paid Time
  • Launch Adjust Paid Time as you do now
  • Prior Pay Period entries will be read only
axess timecard adjust paid time25
Axess Timecard: Adjust Paid Time
  • To adjust an entry, click + to insert a row
axess timecard adjust paid time26
Axess Timecard: Adjust Paid Time
  • Enter the corrected information for day
  • Continue to enter adjusted rows as needed
  • Remember to ‘Save’ when you complete your entries
axess timecard adjust paid time27
Axess Timecard: Adjust Paid Time
  • Offset rows will be created automatically, but will not be visible on the screen
  • For example: If you enter 8 hours of vacation, an offset of -8 hours of salary will be created
  • Corrections of leave time will pass as a $0 entry on the employee’s paycheck
    • Includes Vacation, Floating Holiday, PTO, and Sick
  • Corrections requiring payment to the employee still require a Supplemental Pay Web Form or an Off-Cycle Check Web Form
    • Continue to enter the correction in Adjust Paid Time also
axess timecard tips reminders
Axess Timecard: Tips & Reminders
  • When an employee has a job change mid-pay period, use ‘Range of Dates’ to make entries to the timecard
    • This includes mid-pay period hires, leave actions, job updates, etc.
  • The Timecard Summary page can be sorted by clicking the column headers
    • For example, click the column header ‘Overtime & Double Time’ to sort for the employees with the greatest number of overtime hours
axess timecard tips reminders29
Axess Timecard: Tips & Reminders
  • Seasonal Layoffs
    • Employees are due accruals for the layoff period
    • Accruals are not automatically generated
    • When the employee returns from the seasonal layoff, submit a HelpSU ticket to Axess Timecard to request an accrual reset
payroll updates
Payroll: Updates
  • Termination Web Form
    • ‘Emergency Loan’ field will be updated to ‘US Mail’
    • Default will be ‘No’ – Check will be held at the Campus Service Counter for pickup
    • Select ‘Yes’ if you would like Payroll to mail the termination check
  • W-2 Express Login
    • Default PIN continues to be birth date in the format of: YYYYMMDD
    • Employees can update default PIN
    • Employees can opt for enhanced security, including a security picture and questions
benefits refresher

Benefits “Refresher”

Help us enhance the employee’s Benefits experience!

benefits overview
Benefits Overview
  • PeopleSoft Data Entry Tips
    • Data
    • Timeliness
    • Permanent/Mailing Address
    • Benefits Salary
    • Benefits Eligibility Date
    • Resources
  • 2011 Open Enrollment
    • October 25 through November 15
focus on data
Focus on Data
  • Date of Hire
  • Date of Birth
  • FTE hours
  • Social Security Number
  • Gender
  • Correct address/zip code
  • Correct benefits salary
  • Use PeopleSoft job aids
  • New Hires/Rehires
    • Up to two pay periods before Benefits Eligible Date
    • Benefits Salary information
    • Home and Mailing addresses
  • Terminations
    • Submit form to Payroll (as soon as you know)
    • SLAC transfers must be termed from Stanford
  • Leaves
    • Notify Disability and Leave Services (as soon as possible)
address update peoplesoft
Address Update: PeopleSoft
  • Home Address
    • Drives eligibility for health plan
    • Need to live in the area for an HMO
    • Drives what the employee “sees” in the enrollment system
    • If employee’s address is out-of-state, the employee won’t see the HMO plan choices (only the Blue Shield PPO plan)
    • J1 Visa employees: Submit a Ben Bin for assistance
  • Mailing Address
    • Is used for mailing benefits material
    • Medical, Life and Open Enrollment material
    • Retirement plan material
address update stanfordyou
Address Update: StanfordYou
  • Employees can update their address in
  • “Permanent” and Mailing address
      • Permanent Address = “Home” Address
benefits salary
Benefits Salary
  • Benefits Salary Drives
    • Basic life insurance
    • Supplemental life insurance
    • Accidental, Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)
    • Long-Term Disability

Benefits Eligibility Date

  • Drives benefit eligibility date
    • Opens the 31-day Benefits Enrollment window
  • PeopleSoft job aids
  • Benefit escalations, submit “Ben Bin” request to Benefits Office
    • HR/FAO staff only
  • Staff/Faculty resource
    • Benefits Service Center (877)905-2985 (press option 9)
2011 open enrollment
2011 Open Enrollment
  • Enrollment Period: October 25 – November 15
  • Enrollment site opens: October 25
      • 2011 Open Enrollment and Web Ex workshops
      • 2011 Open Enrollment material (on web site)