how effectual is ivr solutions for hotels n.
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IVR benefits for Hotels and Hospitals PowerPoint Presentation
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IVR benefits for Hotels and Hospitals

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IVR benefits for Hotels and Hospitals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IVR benefits for Hotels and Hospitals

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how effectual is ivr solutions for hotels

How Effectual is IVR Solutions for Hotels and Hospitals

What exactly is an IVR system? How much beneficial it is to any industry or a company? These are

the certain questions which haunt an entrepreneur while deciding to go for an IVR solution or not.

Well, interactive voice response system (IVR) is a telephony menu system which enables callers on-

line to identify and be routed to the appropriate agent within the team. It is simple but reduces cost

and increases efficiency enormously.

Here we shall identify some of the very essential benefits of IVR solutions for hotels and hospitals.

IVR for Hospitals

Interactive voice response system is designed to automate a wide range of services in Hospitals. It

plays a vital role to give out drug and health library information, prescription refills, medical

transcripts, patient account records, appointment scheduling and reminders, lab results information,

food services and numerous other applications.

hospitals are that industry where

Hospitals are that industry where telecommunication lines must be treated with immense

sensitivity. A busy signal or a busy switchboard can be the limit between life and death. It is for this

reason, that routine calls about how a patient is doing at present, what phone number to call in

order to reach the doctor, are particularly some of the important information to be delivered

immediately. An IVR also known as Automated Voice Response can thus initiate this information’s,


IVR for Hotels

Hotels are one among the other industries which are gaining rapid increase in efficiency and low

staffing with the use and application of IVR systems. Not many people in the hotel industry are

aware of its use but for one’s knowledge, IVR can be deployed in hospitality industry right from hotel

bookings to room service, from providing voicemail service to bill payment.

Callers on-line can access all information about the hotel, its amenities, facilities, offers and in fact,

the weather of the city where the hotel is located.

Hotel bookings can be totally automated and offered relatively to one’s needs. For example, if the

caller is a foreign national, he/she can be greeted and guided in his own native language. IVR can be

utilized to make outgoing calls for birthday and anniversary wishes, for guests who have experienced

a previous stay at the hotel. An Interactive Voice Response system thus contribute to do hotel

bookings on call, get payments, store records, advertise hotel facilities, inform availability of rooms

to callers and much more.

With so many benefits in hand it shall be an imprudent decision to not opt for an IVR system for your

imperative callers.