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  3. SHARED SECURITY: The Heartbeat of Discipleship Elinore

  4. “This security is so comforting and life changing.” What about everyone else?


  6. What Does This Mean?Clear Path to Discipleship Creating paths for people to be Jesus followers, and disciple makers. What are paths for? TAKING STEPS!

  7. Great Commission Matthew 28:19 Go(ing) therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

  8. Clear Path to Discipleship Who is a disciple or potential disciple? Everyone!

  9. Clear Path to Discipleship What makes a disciple? Going… Baptizing… Teaching Who makes disciples? Other Disciples!!!

  10. Path to Discipleship, (not just “membership”) Membership not a strong Biblical concept… occurs 37 times, DISCIPLE occurs 296 times!

  11. Path to Discipleship Membership implies “rights and privileges” “arrived” DISCIPLESHIP Means “follower” or “devotee of”implies “sacrifice” (take up your cross and follow me…) “movement” “taking steps”

  12. Clear Path to Discipleship What is the definition of a disciple? A follower of Jesus who is baptized and seeks to do God’s will in: Worship/Sacraments Faith/Belief/Trust Prayer Generosity Bible Study/Meditation Service FellowshipWitnessing DISCIPLE MAKING….

  13. CLEAR PATH TO DISCIPLESHIP=INTENTIONAL PROCESS OFDisciples Making Disciples Disciples Making DisciplesMaking DisciplesMaking Disciples Making Disciples Disciples Making Disciples Making Disciples Being a Disciple while Making Disciples!

  14. What are we about?DISCIPLES MAKING DISCIPLES


  16. Disciples Making Disciples Community/World Guest at Peace Gathering Connecting Growing Going Disciples

  17. “NEXT STEP”“NEXT THING”For Guests and Everyone Else

  18. 9 DISCIPLESHIP TEAMS Purpose: To Develop and Implement a Clear Path to Discipleship

  19. Team 1: Welcoming and Friending • First time Guest to Regular Worshipper • Welcoming, Connecting with a “First Friend” who will follow up. • Sharing ways to grow

  20. 2. Generosity and Funding • Review and enhance all sources of funding • Grow a Culture of Generosity in and around Peace • Explore ALL possibilities!

  21. 3. Teaching Basics of Christianity • Help develop options of classes regularly offered on Sundays, taught by pastors, teachers and others…. • Separate sessions on Creeds, Baptism, Communion, Prayer, etc. • BAPTISM ANY TIME • COMMUNION WHEN AGREED on teachings

  22. 4. Teaching Peace and Your Gifts • Help develop MORE options of growth, such as: • Spiritual Gifts • History of Congregation and LCMS • Ministries of Peace • Family Finances • Parenting • Retirement Planning including God’s work!

  23. 5. Mapping and Connections • Personal interview • Intentionally connect disciples with a group or Ministry

  24. 6. Leadership Alignment • Help staff and ministry teams stay with the mission of the church: • DISCIPLES MAKING DISCIPLES • GATHER GROW AND GO

  25. 7. New Ministries • Explore and connect with existing and new ministries…

  26. 8. SPARK Team • To choose and implement a congregation wide emphasis that we will do in small groups. • Similar to Purpose Driven Life, SHAPE, 40 Days

  27. 9. School Discipleship • Lead faculty and staff in making disciples through school ministry.

  28. (Structure to keep it going being developed)

  29. Wednesday, May 8th6:30, more detail on Teams7:30 Teams divide up and begin planning