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LITERARY CRITICISM HAMLET. Ernest Jones Tragedy and the Mind of the Infant. Why can’t Hamlet kill Claudius?. Arnold Kettle Hamlet in a Changing World. Kettle views Hamlet favorably. Why? How does Hamlet act as a man vs. a prince?. Harold Bloom Inferring Hamlet.

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Ernest jones tragedy and the mind of the infant
Ernest JonesTragedy and the Mind of the Infant

Why can’t Hamlet kill Claudius?

Arnold kettle hamlet in a changing world
Arnold KettleHamlet in a Changing World

Kettle views Hamlet favorably. Why?

How does Hamlet act as a man vs. a prince?

Harold bloom inferring hamlet
Harold BloomInferring Hamlet

“As a mediation upon human fragility in confrontation with death, it competes only with the world’s scriptures” (Bloom 3).

How does Bloom categorize and describe Hamlet?

Harold bloom ophelia
Harold BloomOphelia

To what, or whom, does Bloom attribute Ophelia’s death?

Harold bloom horatio
Harold BloomHoratio

According to Bloom, “we are Horatio” and “our representative…is Horatio”

(Bloom 13 & 17). Explain.