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Growing Your Net Results

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Growing Your Net Results - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Growing Your Net Results. Agenda. Citrix Strategy Introducing MetaFrame XP™ Family Overview Pricing and Packaging. Barriers to Enterprise Growth. Ability to leverage the total Net Centralized information access Provide 99.999% up time Support thousands of users

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Growing Your Net Results

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    1. Growing Your Net Results

    2. Agenda • Citrix Strategy • Introducing MetaFrame XP™ • Family Overview • Pricing and Packaging

    3. Barriers to Enterprise Growth • Ability to leverage the total Net • Centralized information access • Provide 99.999% up time • Support thousands of users • Connect multiple environments and users • Complexity of systems management • Limited resources (time, money, people)

    4. The Customer Need… Customer Need Functional Summary Single place for secure access to… Subscribe A variety of available applications with.. Serve A secure, predictable & measurable quality of service Manage

    5. Citrix Core Strategy Publish Subscribe Applications Devices Portal Networks

    6. Citrix Application Delivery Solution Dial Up Subscribe Publish Portal Load Balancing Desktop PCs MF Windows MF Windows Laptop PCs Load Balancing MF Unix MF Unix Terminals Wireless Devices

    7. Introducing Citrix MetaFrame XP The mostpowerfulplatform for application delivery and management designed for theInternet and Microsoft’sadvanced Windows platforms

    8. The Excitement is Building… “We're really excited about MetaFrame XP, which will give us even greater manageability and scalability. Citrix technology enables our IT team to do more with less, so we can support the continued growth of our core banking business." – Eric Wedemeyer, Assistant Vice President Mercantile Safe Deposit & Trust

    9. MetaFrame XP - Goals and Objectives • Goals: • Introduce a family of products to address key customer needs and accelerate wide-scale adoption of Citrix solutions • Leverage the proven Citrix technologies and products that serve more than 24 million users today • Utilize the Internet in providing a secure application delivery and management system • Provide continued value-add to Microsoft Windows 2000 Servers and “Whistler” servers • Reinforce Citrix’s position as a leader in the application serving market

    10. MetaFrame XP - Goals and Objectives • Objectives: • Position MetaFrame XP as the latest platform release • Introduce a MetaFrame product family approach with solutions targeted to meet different customer requirements • Position MetaFrame XP as a brand extension of MetaFrame 1.8

    11. Scaling to Internet Proportions • MetaFrame XP Design Criteria • Extreme scalability • Integrated manageability • Easy extensibility • Improved reliability • Full Compatibility

    12. Family Overview

    13. MetaFrame XP Family • The most powerful platform for application delivery and management designed for the Internet and Microsoft’s advanced Windows platforms What We Do Key Benefit Summary Unparalleled Manageability and Scale The power to control server farms, resources andapplications across the “Net” from a single point Total “Net” Leverage The power to make the “Net” workToday!—wired, wireless, Web Ultimate Flexibility The power to deliver any application, to any device—via any “Net” connection

    14. MetaFrame XP Tailored Solutions • The enterprise application serving infrastructure for Net-based Windows 2000 environments requiring extensive scalability, rapid application delivery and robust management—enabling unparalleled command and control • The advanced application serving platform for Windows 2000 servers and beyond designed for growing organizations that need to maximize application availability and manageability across the Net—all from a single point • The rapid application serving system designed for to extend the reach of Windows 2000 Server to any device, any departmental workgroup connection—wired, wireless, Web

    15. MetaFrame XP Family Comparison Enterprise Application Serving Infrastructure • Corporate-wide deployment • 20-1000+ servers in a farm Functionality Advanced Application Serving Platform • Multiple departments and applications • 2-100 servers in a farm Base Application Serving System • Workgroup or specific application • Individual and non-load balanced servers Size and Scope of Installation

    16. MetaFrame XP – Typical Customer Profile • MetaFrame XPs • MetaFrame XPa • MetaFrame XPe • Key Needs • Support for diverse client types and devices; low bandwidth connectivity • Advanced application publishing and web access • Single system image management of large, scaleable server farms • Level of usage • Single application • Multiple applications • Middleware platform for all applications • Number of Servers • 1-5 • 2 – 100 • 20 – 1000+ • Server Cluster • Individual servers • Single server farm • Multiple server farms • Server Size • Single processor • Dual processor • Dual or Quad

    17. MetaFrame XP – Typical Customer Profile (continued) • MetaFrame XPs • MetaFrame XPa • MetaFrame XPe

    18. Unparalleled Manageability & Scale - Features

    19. Total Net Leverage - Features

    20. Ultimate Flexibility - Features

    21. Unparalleled Manageability and Scale The power to control server farms, resources and applications across the “Net” from a single point

    22. Citrix Management Console • Exceptional management power and simplicity – all from a single point

    23. Enterprise-class Scalability • Hundreds of MetaFrame XP servers supporting tens of thousands of users • – all within a single server farm!

    24. Advanced Load Management(MetaFrame XPa and XPe) • Application-based load balancing with the ability to customize rules, set evaluators and schedule application availability

    25. System Monitoring & Analysis (MetaFrame XPe) • Ensure optimum application availability and performance for users

    26. Application Packaging & Delivery(MetaFrame XPe) • Centrally configure and manage software for multiple MetaFrame XPe servers with speed and confidence

    27. Network Management (MetaFrame XPe) • Seamlessly integrate MetaFrame XPe servers with popular 3rd party management consoles

    28. Printer Management • Replicate printer drivers across MetaFrame XP servers to ensure client printer compatibility Install New Printer Driver on 1 Server CMC Use CMC to Manage and Distribute New Printer Driver to entire Server Farm

    29. Centralized License Management • Easily manage all of the licenses for the MetaFrame XP server farm from a single point

    30. Active Directory Support • MetaFrame XP integrates and fully supports Application Publishing in a native Active Directory environment ADS CMC Publish application for ADS users from the CMC Enumerate user and Group Accounts from Active Directory

    31. Advanced Shadowing • Shadowing Installation Option • Allows administrators flexibility with privacy and security issues involving shadowing • Shadow Indicator • Provides a shadow indicator in the session notifying the user that shadowing is in progress • Shadow Activity Logging • Logs all session and user information when an administrator attempts to shadow a user

    32. Total Net Leverage The power to make the “Net”work Today! —wired, wireless, Web

    33. Citrix NFuse™ Ready • Integrate the Web into the application infrastructure while providing the features and benefits of MetaFrame XP

    34. Support for Corporate Portals • Centralized access to applications and content information for users in any location

    35. Web-based Client Installation • Fast, simple deployment of ICA clients to first time users. No need for administrators to touch every desktop

    36. Ultimate Flexibility The power to deliver any application, to any device—via any “Net” connection

    37. Flexible Application Access on Demand Portable Laptops Desktop PCs UNIX Workstations WBTs Wireless Devices Macs Any Device, Anywhere!

    38. Client Time Zone Support Redmond ICA Client Ft. Lauderdale ICA Client London ICA Client • Run applications using the local time zone MetaFrame XP Server Salt Lake City Published applications run in context of user’s local time zone

    39. High-color Depth and Resolution • Run rich, high-resolution and high-color multimedia applications Supports high color & true color 64,000 x 64,000

    40. Panning and Scaling • Devices with small screens can view much larger images

    41. MetaFrame XP Summary • Unparalleled Manageability and Scale • Architecture scales to 1000+ servers • Citrix Management Console with Single Systems Image • Integrated Load, Resource & Installation Management • MIB Support/SNMP Integration • Total “Net” Leverage • Citrix NFuse™ Ready • Support for Corporate Portals • Ultimate Flexibility • Universal Client Access • Seamless User Experience

    42. What’s the Buzz? • “Citrix MetaFrame XP and NFuse are the foundation for our worldwide standardized desktop that enables us to solve information access challenges. • As we scale up to more than 40 Windows 2000 servers, the enhanced load management capability and full integration with Active Directory will help ensure the success of this enterprise-wide initiative.” • – David Gallimore, Senior Systems Analyst • Chevron

    43. What’s the Buzz? • “I’m not sure who is more excited about Citrix MetaFrame XP - our ASP customers or us. • MetaFrame XP gives us greater flexibility to meet our customers’ specific needs.” • – Jim Kerr, director, ASP Technology Services • Data Transit International, Inc.

    44. Pricing and Packaging

    45. Connection-based Licensing Model • Connection-based Licensing Model • Licensing based on total number of concurrent users • Doesn’t matter how many servers are used to host the users • Server software can be installed as many times as needed • Doesn’t matter how many users are hosted per server • Customer Benefits • One price for all users based on MetaFrame XP solution • MetaFrame XPs, XPa, XPe • Simple for customers to understand, budget and purchase • Flexibility in configuration • Administrator doesn’t have to calculate number of users per server • Customer can choose as many or as few servers based on application load and server capacity • Customers can add resources (users or servers) without variations in their cost per concurrent connection

    46. Pricing: New Customers * Starter System includes media for server + 20 user connection licenses

    47. Product Packaging & Terminology • MetaFrame XP Starter System • One MetaFrame XP Starter System required per organization • MetaFrame XP Starter System Includes: • MetaFrame XP Universal Server License • 20 base connection licenses • MetaFrame XP product media • Price calculated at specific Cost Per Connection * 20 • Separate starter system for each language • Available with or without Subscription Advantage • MetaFrame XP Connection Licenses • License to “connect” specific number of users within organization to licensed MetaFrame XP server software • Connection Licenses available in standard 5, 10, 20, and 50 user increments • Price of a connection license based on • Functionality (MetaFrame XPs, XPa, XPe) • Subscription vs. No Subscription

    48. Pricing Model: Customer Example • Customer wants MetaFrame XPe with Subscription for 100 users: • Purchase MetaFrame XPe Starter System with Subscription (includes 20 connections) for $8,000 • Purchase additional 80 connections license packs @ $400 per connection • Customer can serve applications on as many servers as they wish • Customer SRP for this configuration is easily calculated: 100 connections @ $400 per connection= SRP of $40,000 • Additional users can be purchased in the future by ordering “connection packs” in increments of 5, 10, 20, and 50

    49. “Migration” versus “Upgrade” • Migration • Moving from one platform to another platform • Example: MetaFrame 1.8 to MetaFrame XPe Migration • Upgrade • Moving up within a platform family • Example: MetaFrame XPs to MetaFrame XPe Upgrade

    50. MetaFrame 1.x to XP Migration Options • Customers with Subscription • Subscription customers will receive corresponding MetaFrame XP solution at no charge, based on existing products purchased • Customers without Subscription • May purchase a MetaFrame XP migration product • Migration products discounted from full product price to protect their investment for MetaFrame 1.x/WinFrame 1.x product • Migration products are priced independently of MetaFrame (or WinFrame) version currently installed • Migration products may be purchased with or without Subscription Advantage