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How Local Businesses Can Advertise for Free - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How local businesses can advertise for free Call Us:

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How Local Businesses Can Advertise for Free

“Get out the Gatling Gun Charlie, we have a war to win”

“Where Local Advertising Pays” |+1 888-506-7283

How local businesses can advertise for free Call Us:

+1 888-506-7283

One of my all-time favourite business cartoons shows a King sitting on his horse,

garbed in his suit of metal armour, sword in hand, ready to charge into battle.

Behind his tented headquarters stands a sales person with a Gatling gun. The

General can’t see him however, and is saying to his aide “I don’t have time for

sales people, can’t you see I have a battle to fight”

What a great illustration of the quandary faced by businesses today when it comes

to advertising. More often than not the ‘essential’ (advertising) is sacrificed on the

altar of the ‘urgent’ (all those ‘wars’ business owners are constantly fighting just to

keep their doors open). To make matters worse, when they have tried advertising,

it has seemed to be a waste of money with little tangible results. As a result, while

the business owner knows that advertising is important to get their message out,

the cost, stacked against the low ROI, leaves such a sour taste in their mouth that

they want to scream.

But what if there were ways for small businesses to enjoy significant advertising

exposure for free? And what if, instead of having to compete with the entire world,

they only had to compete with other LOCAL businesses in their city. This would be

a game-changer! In fact it would be the smoking gun (Gatling?) they have been

searching for all along. And that is exactly what is possible today. Not only with the

usual suspects such as Kijiji and Craigslist, but with new platforms as well. The

most comprehensive platform we’ve seen to date, and a newcomer to the game, is This company not only offers free ads to every business but

it also provides a Community Calendar, a ‘New Products’ section, a Business

Directory and a dynamic Employment-Matching job service – all FREE. Their

‘Gatling Gun’ game-changer is this: on top of the two, always-free, exposures that

a business is given when it registers, those businesses that opt to purchase ads on

the site can more than cover the cost of those ads by becoming a revenue-share

member. In fact, incredibly, they can make more money than they spend. There

are over 50 free advertising sites online today but Clikker appears to be a

considerable step ahead in terms of its offerings.

Yes, for decades now advertising spend has been an agonizing ‘black hole’ for

business owners and their attitude has been, “I don’t have time for another sales

person” but, thankfully, ‘the times they are a changing’. The ‘Gatling Gun’ has

arrived on the scene – free, local, online advertising - and those owners wise

enough to fully embrace this opportunity will win the day.

~ David A. Wicks, October, 2016

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“Where Local Advertising Pays” |+1 888-506-7283

How local businesses can advertise for free Call Us:

+1 888-506-7283



“Where Local Advertising Pays” |+1 888-506-7283