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Reasons for Accumulation of Tartar on Teeth

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Reasons for Accumulation of Tartar on Teeth - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Experts brings you some of the basic reasons of tartar accumulation.\n

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When people talk of teeth and problems that affect the teeth, the first term that comes up is plaque.
  • Plaque is a sticky coating that forms on the teeth and it consists of bacteria.
  • This coating can be removed with regular brushing and flossing. When this is not done properly, the plaque calcifies due to the presence of minerals and what is called tartar is formed.
  • Tartar unlike plaque cannot be removed by brushing but has to be done professionally through a process called scaling.
The primary reason is improper brushing causing the plaque to calcify.
  • This process of calcification occurs due to the high incidence of calcium and phosphate ions present in the saliva and this solidifies the plaque causing tartar.
  • It usually forms on the lower part of the teeth, that is where the teeth meet the gums and is visible as a yellow substance.
  • For those who have overlapped teeth, the problem of tartar may be quite high
The formation of tartar is very high in those who smoke regularly.
  • In children who are affected by asthma or cystic fibrosis have a rate of tartar formation that.
  • Patients that have to be tube fed may develop very high tartar formation although food does not actually pass through the mouth.
  • These are all the major reasons for the formation of tartar on the teeth.

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