How to make a fake flower bridal bouquet with artificial wedding flowers
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How to make a fake flower bridal bouquet with artificial wedding flowers

How To Make A Fake Flower Bridal Bouquet With Artificial Wedding Flowers

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck

- Emma Goldman

Ideas to use artificial flowers for home d cor

While Wedding Flowers the wedding is real, the floral bouquets for the bride are fake as the current trends show. Everything has gone eco-friendly so why not use artificial wedding flowers. The upcoming, new wedding season is clear about it’s pet theme- bridal bouquets with artificial flowers.Thecenturies old regular gajras, varmalas, gulabaurgandekehaar are being replaced by the hues of artificial flowers for wedding. This is a welcome change for the new age brides. If you have a creative spark, the wedding planner can add some fashionable English and French roses. These include special orchids in white or purple, pretty African Daisies, Indian flowers like Marigold, Blue or white Tulips & Daffodils. They are being used often in unreal Bollywood weddings and now also in real wedding parties across India.

Here are some tips to bring the passion in the bridal floral design
Here are some tips to bring the passion in the bridal floral design

  • 1.Choose the flowers first. They can have long stems and leaves too. All artificial flowers have wires that can be cut easily with a pair of scissors.

  • 2. You will need some glue, specific flower tape, pins and barks to wrap the flowers.

  • 3.Pick on silk flowers with colors that will go with the bridal dress. Online stores have huge varieties displayed in galleries. You can get snowberries, lamb ears, seeded grass, French roses, pink roses, ivory roses and succulents too. Hydrangea is also a favorite for many brides.

Ideas to use artificial flowers for home d cor

  • 4. Start by cutting the stems if they are long. You can make them on one length by cutting them in one size.

  • 5. Make a base of the bouquet with the assorted flowers. Build the composition and then tie it with a flower tape.

  • 6. Once more check the stems. Do they need further cutting? Everyone has a personal preference.

  • 7. Once you have taped, wrap the entire bunch with a bark, preferably a birch bark. It gives an authentic feel.

  • 8. Add a little panache to it with a decorative item.

  • 9. Artificial flowers for wedding can also be used to make a floral theme for the venue. It is one of the most affordable themes currently this season.

Convenience of purchasing artificial flowers online
Convenience of purchasing artificial flowers online them on one length by cutting them in one size.

  • Nature has now come online. Many websites have pictures of usable and affordable artificial wedding flowers. Their delivery is only a click away from existing online flower shops. Many florists have gone online with their garden-variety menu. Now they are catering to global consumers.

  • One can send flowers from one part of the world to another simply by going online. Online firms have catalogues of many artificial wedding flowers and leaves.

  • The prices are listed with the pictures. Special flowers (even if they are not in season) can be organized. Same day wreaths, weddings flower arrangements also are possible. An experienced florist will tell what is the meaning of each flower.

  • Artificial wedding flowers are in ‘bloom’ for many wedding planners across India. With the help of professionals one can get the best deals. Decorating the entire wedding venue is also their specialty. Browse through some eco-friendly florist shops that sell beautiful varieties.

Be innovative
Be innovative them on one length by cutting them in one size.

  • Artificial flowers for wedding can be used for the jaimala also for the bridal couple. It adds an Indian twist to the festivities. When you go online choose professionals to deal with. See their portfolio to check how they have brightened the weddings of other clients.

  • A good florist will help you to choose a good theme according to the season. If you have a good budget some rare varieties also can be used around the wedding area.

  • The flower arrangements inside the venue and outside can be different from one another. The harsh lights will not affect dry flowers.

  • Wedding planners’ use potted plants in the venues. Inside bouquets and wreaths can be installed. Corsages can be placed creatively in some spaces.

Thank you
THANK YOU them on one length by cutting them in one size.

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