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Windows Server IP Address Management (IPAM) PowerPoint Presentation
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Windows Server IP Address Management (IPAM)

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Windows Server IP Address Management (IPAM) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WSV324. Windows Server IP Address Management (IPAM). Rick Claus Sr. Technical Evangelist @ RicksterCDN Session Objectives and Takeaways. Session Objective(s): Understand Windows Server 2012 IPAM

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windows server ip address management ipam


Windows Server IP Address Management (IPAM)

Rick Claus

Sr. Technical Evangelist


session objectives and takeaways
Session Objectives and Takeaways
  • Session Objective(s):
    • Understand Windows Server 2012 IPAM
      • What it is; how it works; how to use it; and how to integrate with external systems
  • Key Takeaways
    • Windows Server 2012 IPAM…
      • Complements MS DHCP and DNS offerings
      • Reduces the opex around IPv4/v6 address management and the management of related MS DHCP and DNS functions
      • Integrates with external systems like ADDS and SCVMM
      • Is a cost-effective, in-box solution to manage network complexity
examples of ip address management problems
Examples of IP Address Management Problems
  • I want to track my org’s address space and know addresses in use and available across different locations…
  • I have to find a free IP address for a new device and register it in DNS …
  • A DHCP Scope is full and clients are not getting any addresses – I need to expand the scope or create a firefighting scope…
  • I need to change a DHCP option like web proxy across dozens of scopes residing on multiple servers…
  • I am adding a new lab and want to assign subnets from my address plan…
  • I need to track user or machine activity in my network for troubleshooting or forensics…
ipam options
IPAM Options

Commercial appliances

In-house tools







  • No CapEx investment
  • Simple to use for small networks….at first
  • Automation
  • High degree of customization
  • Automation
  • Rich feature set
  • Integration with own and MS DHCP/DNS




  • Maintenance cost
  • Relies on in-house support model
  • Expensive to add new capabilities
  • High acquisition and support costs

Cons Pros

  • Labor intensive estimated (~$10 per address per annum)
  • Only performs address mgmt.
  • Inflexible and does not scale
windows server 2012 ipam overview
Windows Server 2012 IPAM Overview

Organize, assign, monitor and manage static and dynamic IPv4/v6 addresses

Address space mgmt


Network discovery


Automatic discovery of DC, DHCP and DNS servers, and dynamic IP addresses in use

In-box solution that complements – and seamlessly integrated with – MS DHCP and DNS offerings

WS 2012


Multi-server mgmt



Centralized configuration and update of MS DHCP/DNS servers

Visibility & audit

Track and audit changes and provide real-time view of status

ws 2012 ipam components and interactions
WS 2012 IPAM – Components and Interactions

IPAM Client

External System

Win 8 (RSAT) & WS 2012

DHCP Server



DNS Server

IPAM Server





DC Server

WS 2012 in-box

Role-based access control



NPS Server



WS08; WS08 R2 & SPs; WS 2012

IPAM Server

IPAM Audit



WID – Windows Internal Database is a relational data store for Windows Server components

Distributed deployment, scale, and DR

ws 2012 ipam external data integration
WS 2012 IPAM – External Data Integration

IPAM Server

Data Source

IPAM PowerShell

IPAM User Interface


Import PS integration module



Data Sink


Export PS integration module

contoso space miners
Contoso Space Miners
  • Contoso is a space mining company. Its mines the precious metal, unobtanium, from Martian asteroids
  • Contoso has deployed several DNS servers, Domain Controllers and DHCP servers to keep its enterprise network running
  • Due to immense demand for unobtanium the company has grown quickly and is operating a number of earth stations. One such earth station is located in Area 42, which is used as the case for our demo today
area 42
Area 42

4 buildings each with 10 floors

Building 1


Building 4

Building 2

Building 3


Address Space Management Workflow




  • Track IP addresses by correlating DHCP lease events with DC/NPS authentication events.
  • Track changes to static address space as well as IPAM server though IPAM configuration events
  • Monitor IP address range and DHCP scope utilization
  • Monitor IP address utilization trend
  • Monitor IP address expiry and reclaim expired addresses
  • Create static and dynamic address ranges
  • Find and allocate IP addresses
  • DNS record and DHCP reservations
  • Visualize address block hierarchy
  • Plan and create address blocks

Plan Address Space structure

Monitor Utilization

asm recap


ASM Recap
  • Plan
    • Maintain address block hierarchy
    • Create address block/sub-blocks
  • Allocate
    • Create static and dynamic ranges (DHCP scopes)
    • Find free IP address and reserve it
  • Monitor
    • Static range/ DHCP scope utilization and trend
    • Expiry status of IP address record
  • Track
    • IP address tracking
    • IPAM configuration logs




multi server management msm workflow
Multi-Server Management (MSM) Workflow

Configure & Update DHCP

  • Edit DHCP server properties & options
  • Create/Edit/Delete DHCP scopes & options
  • Track configuration changes across all managed DHCP servers from a single console.
  • Automatically discover servers
  • Add servers
  • Monitor DHCP scope utilization
  • Monitor DNS zone health
  • Monitor DHCP/DNS service health



Build Server Inventory

Monitor DNS and DHCP System

msm recap
MSM Recap
  • Build Server Inventory
    • Discover and/or add servers
  • Manage DHCP system
    • Edit DHCP server properties and options
    • Manage DHCP scopes properties and options (Find & Replace, Duplicate scopes)
  • Monitor DNS and DHCP systems
    • DNS zone health
    • DHCP scope utilization
    • DHCP and DNS service health
  • Track DHCP configuration changes
ws 2012 ipam external data integration from ad ds
WS 2012 IPAM – External Data Integration from AD DS

Active Directory

  • IPAM PowerShell interfaces facilitates integration with other systems through import/export of data to/from IPAM
  • Integration with ADDS enables synchronization of Active Directory Sites and Subnets information from Active Directory to IPAM



ad ds sites subnets and site links
AD DS Sites, Subnets and Site Links



AD DS represents network topology as sites, subnets, and site links for efficient replication


AD location. Activities, including replication, authentication and service location are based on site.


Sites are associated with one or more subnets, each containing a number of hosts.

Site Link

Site links represent the WAN connections between sites.

Replication within a site is triggered automatically when a directory update occurs. Replication between sites (over slower, more expensive WAN links) is scheduled to occur periodically.






external data integration from ad ds
External Data Integration from AD DS

PowerShell Script

  • PowerShell script for pulling data from AD and import it into IPAM
  • PowerShell script for exporting subnets from IPAM and creating subnets in Active directory
  • Run the task scheduler task to synchronize the subnets between Active Directory and IPAM.
  • Import and export data through UI
  • Import and export data through cmdlets
  • Create a background Task in Task Scheduler to run PowerShell Script at regular intervals


Create Task in Task Scheduler


ws 2012 ipam scvmm integration
WS 2012 IPAM – SCVMM Integration
  • Configured IP address pools
  • Utilization of static ranges
  • VM address properties
  • SCVMM instance details
  • Logical and Virtual network properties

IPAM views & operations

PS based

integration module

WS 2012 IPAM

SC 2012 SP1 VMM

windows server 2012 ipam summary
Windows Server 2012 IPAM – Summary
  • Migrate address space from legacy tools
  • Unified management of IP address space
  • Address life-cycle management
  • Address space management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Multiple instance deployment
  • Enterprise scale

IP Address Space Management


Server Discovery

  • Auto discovery (scheduled/on-demand)
  • Disjoint domain namespace

Scale and Robustness

WS 2012 IPAM

Multi-Server Management


  • Service monitoring
  • Simplified multi-entity configurations

Deployment, Customization, and Management

Network Audit and Visibility

  • Agentless architecture
  • Custom meta-data
  • Remote management
  • PowerShell for integration
  • Powerful filter/search
  • Audit configuration changes
    • who, what and when
  • Audit IP address/user/machine activity
  • Real-time allocation and usage trends
deployment overview
Deployment Overview
  • Deployment Topology
    • Multi-site WAN environment
      • Headquarters: Silicon Valley, California
        • On-Premise Datacenter
        • Co-location Disaster Recovery Site
        • Cloud-based (Azure) Applications
      • AsiaPac Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
    • Combination of Static addressed and DHCP/Reserved Hosts
    • DHCP for all client Guests
  • Implemented IPAM in full production Fall 2011
scenarios impact and feedback
Scenarios, Impact and Feedback
  • Scenario
    • Customized IPAM through use of tagging to map addresses with placement of devices in datacenters, racks, and rack placement (replaced an Excel spreadsheet and Visio diagram used for 20+ years in tracking systems and IP addresses with a dynamic tracking mechanism in IPAM)
  • Business impact
    • Static Excel spreadsheet / Visio diagram useless when guest sessions are Live Migrated frequently. Also DHCP leases for VPN client changes are now easily tracked.  Using IPAM solved a problem in asset tracking, management, diagraming, and reporting!
    • Using IPAM for audit tracking and IP address tracking to trigger notifications and alerts on abnormal changes.  Still using System Center Operations Manager, but for quick audit reports. IPAM provides Compliance Officer (CO) what she needs in terms of audit reporting quickly and simply without having to teach the CO how to generate reports out of SCOM/SQL Reporting Services or burden IT with generating reports and information requested
  • Feedback
    • Lightweight, gets the job done!
session objectives and takeaways1
Session Objectives and Takeaways
  • Session Objective(s):
    • Understand Windows Server 2012 IPAM
      • What it is; how it works; how to use it; and how to integrate with external systems
  • Key Takeaways
    • Windows Server 2012 IPAM…
      • Complements MS DHCP and DNS offerings
      • Reduces the opex around IPv4/v6 address management and the management of related MS DHCP and DNS functions
      • Integrates with external systems like ADDS and SCVMM
      • Is a cost-effective, in-box solution to manage network complexity
great resource for ipam
Great Resource for IPAM

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