welcome back sga meeting september 9 2012 n.
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WELCOME BACK! SGA Meeting September 9, 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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WELCOME BACK! SGA Meeting September 9, 2012

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WELCOME BACK! SGA Meeting September 9, 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WELCOME BACK! SGA Meeting September 9, 2012. Meeting Agenda. Roll Call Announcements Your Two Cents SGA 101 Approval of Meeting Procedure Old Business New Business. What is SGA? .

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Presentation Transcript
welcome back sga meeting september 9 2012

SGA Meeting

September 9, 2012

meeting agenda
Meeting Agenda

Roll Call


Your Two Cents

SGA 101

Approval of Meeting Procedure

Old Business

New Business

what is sga
What is SGA?

When students united to form the Bryn Mawr College Self-Government Association in 1892, the College became the first institution of higher education in the United States to give students responsibility not only for enforcing rules of behavior upon themselves, but also for deciding what those rules should be. It was considered a radical experiment at the time, and is still unusual. But most Bryn Mawr students and alumnae cite self-government as one of the most valuable parts of a Bryn Mawr education. The College's tradition of respect for students' autonomy and responsibility has created a unique campus environment where students participate in discussion and resolution of the most important issues facing the College — from the alcohol policy to faculty appointments to the College's curriculum.

basic organization
  • Executive Board
    • President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Honor Board Head
  • SGA Assembly
    • Representative Council
    • Honor Board
  • Other committees, board and representatives
    • Appointments Committee
    • Student Finance Committee
    • Film Series, Alternative Concert Series, Student Curriculum Committee, Landscaping Reps, etc.
  • Meets every Sunday at 7 PM in the Campus Center Main Lounge
    • Community members are welcome!
  • Is the main decision making body outside of Plenary
  • Dorm Presidents
  • Class Presidents
  • Traditions Mistresses
  • Residence Council Co-Heads
  • SCC Co-Heads
  • Elections Head
  • Haverford Rep
  • Off-Campus Rep
  • McBride Rep
  • Athletic Association Rep (AA President)
  • CEO Rep
  • OIA Rep
  • COPS Reps
  • Faculty Rep
  • SoCo Head
  • 6 Members at Large
what happens on sunday nights
What happens on Sunday nights?
  • Roll Call
  • Announcements
  • Two Cents
  • Agenda Items for Discussion
  • New Business
  • Old Business
  • Agenda will be sent out by the Thursday prior to the Sunday Evening Meeting
  • Any one can send request for agenda items
your two cents
Your Two Cents

Is a place where community members can bring forth a topic for discussion, a question, or an announcement

Is a place where representatives can speak as community members and not on behalf of their constituents

new business
New Business

A place where representatives can bring up issues on behalf of their constituents

Only assembly members can bring up “issues”

BUT everyone can DISCUSS them and community members can ASK an Assembly member to bring up an issue on their behalf

old business
Old Business

A place where “business” brought by a representative on behalf of their constituents is revisited, questioned, or announced.


In order for YOUR voice to be heard, you must be on the floor of the campus center.

The length of discussion is determined by the Exec. Board.

All timings will be monitored by the Treasurer.

Discussion is open to ALL individuals at the meeting.


All motions must be MADE, SECONDED, AMENDED, and VOTED on ONLY by members of the assembly.

If you are a community member and wish to make a motion, please ask an assembly member

All motions (except a point of information and point of order) must be seconded.

In the case of a vote, all motions require a simple majority (50% +1) to pass except for motions to extend time and call the question which require a 2/3 majority.

sga slang
SGA Slang

Main Motion: “I have a motion to discuss. If someone else agrees with me, then this is our topic discussion for the next five minutes.” Does not need to be seconded.

Motion to Extend Time: “I think we need to talk more about this…” This motion must be Seconded and needs 2/3 majority vote.

Motion to Call the Question: “Let’s Vote!” This motion must be Seconded and needs 2/3 majority vote.

Motion to Table Discussion: “Let’s talk about this later…” This motion must be Seconded.

Point of Order: “Woah! That was out of line!” Does not need to be seconded. Anyone can make a Point of Order. Previous comment won’t be included in the minutes.

Point of Information: “Can I have more information please?” And/or “I know this piece of information that will help clarify the discussion”

Motion to Adjourn: “Let’s end this meeting”

Friendly Amendment: “Let’s just a change a little bit of the motion.” This requires no vote.

Unfriendly Amendment: “This change is a big deal. Let’s vote on the change”


All voting will be done by hand count (by the exec. Board)

Only assembly members can vote except in the case of a straw vote, where everyone in the room can vote.

The president can only vote in the case of a tie

ways to get involved
Ways to Get Involved

Come to Sunday meetings!

Run for an elected position on campus or in your dorm!

Apply for an appointed position!


Talk to people about campus issues

Attend traditions, help make them possible!

Write a Plenary resolution

Speak up during Your Two Cents

Send suggestions to sga@brynmawr.edu

mark your calendars
Mark Your Calendars!
  • Plenary is on October 7th in Goodhart
    • Plenary is a time when members of the Self-Government Association (the undergraduate body) gather to discuss and vote on resolutions that are written and presented by our peers. The purpose of doing so is to foster beneficial discussion and change within the community.
  • Resolutions for Fall Plenary are due by e-mail to the Executive Board (sga@bmc) by midnight on September 23
    • Mandatory Resolution Writing Workshops for Resolution Writers and presenters will be held in Taylor Seminar Room on the following dates:
      • Monday 9/11 at 7 PM
      • Saturday 9/15 at 2 PM
      • Monday 9/17 at 8 PM
      • Thursday 9/20 at 7 PM
      • Saturday 9/22 at 5 PM (in Thomas 110)
approval of meeting procedure
Approval of Meeting Procedure

Fall 2012-2013 Meeting Procedures