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Vocabulary Lesson Twelve

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Vocabulary Lesson Twelve. By Natalie Moy Ms. Kopp/ Period 3. 1 . Altercation . A heated argument. Syn : Quarrel; Dispute Ant: Agreement; Harmony Ms. Kopp got into an altercation with Daphne. 2 . Lexicon. A dictionary; A specialized vocabulary used in a particular field or place.

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vocabulary lesson twelve

Vocabulary Lesson Twelve

By Natalie Moy

Ms. Kopp/ Period 3

1 altercation
1. Altercation

A heated argument.

Syn: Quarrel; Dispute

Ant: Agreement; Harmony

Ms. Kopp got into an altercation with Daphne.

2 lexicon
2. Lexicon

A dictionary; A specialized vocabulary used in a particular field or place.

Syn: Jargon; Argot; Cant

Senorita Medina has a lexicon for Spanish.

3 hue
3. Hue

A particular shade of a given color.

Syn: Change; Alter

Mr. Rust likes using a specific hue in his paintings.

4 galvanize
4. Galvanize

To startle into sudden activity.

Syn: Stimulate

Ant: Enervate

Danielle galvanized the students by slamming the door hard.

5 sanction
5. Sanction

Permission; Support.

Syn: Authorize; Pass

Coach Braddell gave sanction to the Varsity Girls Basketball team to miss school Tuesday for their first State Game.

6 hyperbole
6. Hyperbole

Extreme exaggeration for effect and not meant to be taken literally.

Ant: Understatement

When Mr. Glass told me he was going to shoot Ms. Melvin; it was only a hyperbole.

7 ominous
7. Ominous

Threatening; Foreboding evil.

Syn: Sinister

Ant: Comforting

The Girls Basketball team played against the ominous Mustangs because they were ranked number one in the nation.

8 audacity
8. Audacity

Rude boldness; nerve.

Syn: Insolence; Impudence

Ant: Decorum

Eliza had the audacity to talk back to Ms. Melvin.

9 evince
9. Evince

To demonstrate clearly; To prove.

Syn: Manifest

Ms. Pincuevinced her knowledge of Italy showing us all the best tourist attractions.

10 implacable
10. Implacable

Unable to be appeased or pacified.

Syn: Inflexible; Relentless

Ant: Pacified; Assuaged.

Ms. Chavez’s implacable suspicions were put to rest after she realized the final was not misplaced at all.

11 exhort
11. Exhort

To urge on with stirring words.

Syn: Encourage

Ant: Discourage

Mrs. Goolsbyexhorted us to get an A on the math test.

12 incarcerate
12. Incarcerate

To put into prison; To confine

Syn: Imprison; Constrain

Ant: Liberate; Free

Lisa got sent down to the office and she said, “It felt like being incarcerated.”

13 incisive
13. Incisive

Sharp; Keen; Cutting straight to the heart of the matter.

Syn: Piercing; Acute

Ant: Superficial; Dull

Coach Abdigave Jeff some incisive comments to pump him up for his game.

14 expedient
14. Expedient

Practical; Providing an immediate advantage.

Syn: Effective

Ant: Feckless

Ms. Kopp showed Liora the most expedient way to write a five paragraph essay.

15 pertinent
15. Pertinent

Having to do with the subject at hand; Relevant.

Syn: Relevant

Ant: Unrelated; extraneous

Ore asked a pertinent question to help the other students understand.