it s their future self awareness and self advocacy n.
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It’s Their Future: Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy PowerPoint Presentation
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It’s Their Future: Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy

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It’s Their Future: Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It’s Their Future: Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy . Linda Ciancio -Brown Parent Leader and Parent of an I’m Determined Youth Leader Nancy Anderson Region 4 I’m Determined Coordinator . Choice-making Decision-making Problem-solving Goal-setting & attainment Internal focus of control

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It’s Their Future: Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy

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it s their future self awareness and self advocacy
It’s Their Future:Self-Awarenessand Self-Advocacy

Linda Ciancio-Brown Parent Leader andParent of an I’m Determined Youth LeaderNancy AndersonRegion 4I’m Determined Coordinator

core components of self determination combination of skills knowledge beliefs



Goal-setting & attainment

Internal focus of control

Positive attributes of efficacy and outcomes expectancy





Self-Advocacy & Leadership



Core Components of Self-Determination(combination of skills, knowledge & beliefs)
to your child self determination means
To your child-Self-determination means…
  • Knowing and believing in herself/himself
  • Knowing what she/he wants her/his future to look like and how to plan for that future
  • Knowing the supports she/he will need to take control of her/his life
your child will need self determination skills
Your child will need self-determination skills…
  • To advocate for her/his rights and needs.
  • To be able to explain to others what he/she needs to be successful on the job, in college or training environments, and when living independently.
parents did you know
Parents:Did you know…
  • Students who incorporate self-determination goals into their IEP’s and transition plans are more likely to earn higher incomes one year after graduation.
  • Incorporating choice-making opportunities into behavior support plans improves behavior outcomes.
  • Instruction in problem-solving skills can lead to improved employment outcomes.

(Wehmeyer, 2004; Shogren, Faggella-Luby, Bae & Wehmeyer, 2004; O’Reilly, Lancioni & O’Kane, 2000)

what can you parent do to encourage self awareness self advocacy behavior in your child
What can YOU(Parent) do to encourage self-awareness/self-advocacy behavior in your child?

Increase Disability and ABILITY awareness in your youth


Have you talked to your child about his/her disability? What it is all about?

Have you explained his/her IEP?

your child s involvement in the iep
Builds self-advocacy skills and self-esteem

Gives your child some control over their education

Builds important social and conversational skills;

Teaches the processes of decision-making, goal setting and achievement

Your child’s involvement in the IEP
hello to all

My name is Zachary Brown

I want you to know:

  • I am honored to be a Leader with The I’m Determined project
  • I live in Hopewell, Virginia with my mother
  • My girlfriend is Caroline, we met at I’m Determined
  • I have a close relationship /support with my sister Courtney & mom
  • My dad passed away when I was four years old


  • Be a good student/citizen
  • Work with and teach young children
  • Be more independent
  • Have self-determination
  • Be a successful swimmer
  • Have fun with friends
  • Always be close to God
  • To manage in times of trouble
  • To be tall as my dad
5 tools strategies to help develop self determination
5 Tools/Strategies to help develop Self- Determination
  • One Pagers
  • Good Day Plan
  • Goal Setting & Attainment
  • Supplemental Worksheets (Rubrics, Articles, All About Me Guide)
  • Student led conferences/IEPS



  • My Strengths
  • My Interests
  • My Preferences
  • My Needs

Name: Zachary Brown

Date: March 2011

  • My Strengths
  • My Interests
  • Organized
  • Patient
  • Working with children
  • Track
  • Swimming
  • Football Manager
  • Music
  • Video games
  • Fun with friends
  • Pray with others
  • Teaching children
  • My Needs
  • My Preferences
  • Working with a partner
  • Visual and hands-on activities
  • Rewrite notes before tests
  • Extended time with all of my work
  • Short, concise directions
  • Study guides

I Like To

  • Accommodations that Work

Verbal Praise


Delivering the Paper


Communication System

Stocking at Wal-Mart


Joe Marks

  • In the Future I Want To

Attend Senior Breakfast

Attend Homecoming


Graduate at the Siegel


Attend Prom

Attend Senior Picnic

what is missing from these tools
What is missing from these tools?
  • Parents: What do you notice about the One Pager? What are we not asking of the student?

What is your Disability? Identify your Disability.

linda my prayers and dreams for zach
  • To adapt to any environment regardless of his disability
  • Happiness
  • Confidence
  • Success
  • Opportunity
  • Good Friends/special young lady
  • Continue to have a close relationship w/ his sister Courtney
  • Independence
  • To always look to God
  • To have protection and favor in his life
parent benefits
Parent Benefits
  • Positive relationships with student & parent.
  • IEP meeting centered on student needs
  • The IEP process makes sense to everybody involved . . . “It’s not just paperwork anymore”
zach how the i m d e t e r m i n e d project helped me to reach my goals
ZACHHOW the i’mdetermined project helped me to reach my GOALS?
  • Determine my goals
  • Think about what I want to know and how to reach it
  • Make a plan
  • Deal with roadblocks
  • List accomplishments
LINDAHow has the i’mdetermined project helped me to support Zach Self-Advocacy and Self-Awareness Skills ?
  • As a parent, the i’mdetermined project has helped me to support Zach by providing both of us opportunities throughi’mdetermined Youth/Parent Summits……
  • Most Important *the testimonies shared by the i’mdetermined youth
  • Tools/Workshops
  • Encouragement
  • Resource/Community Agencies
  • Networking
  • Fellowship/meet with families that have a youth with a disability
  • Support
way to go zachary
Way To Go Zachary!!

His Future, His Way…

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child…

Zachary advocated for himself. He learned about himself . Mom, sister, girlfriend, teachers, all were there for him.. but he lead the way…

He ‘s very successful!

What’s Next for Zachary?