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English Academy , A.C. Language Related Services. English academy is an institution founded in 2010. We are certified as a Testing Center for Educational Testing Service by Educational Testing Service . www.ets.org

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English academy a c language related services

English Academy, A.C.LanguageRelatedServices

English academyisaninstitutionfounded in 2010.

We are certified as a Testing Center forEducationalTestingServicebyEducationalTestingService. www.ets.org

Werenderlanguagerelatedservicestocompaniesin theautomotive, mining, financial and other industries.

Wehave a clientfirstphilosophybackedby a team of technical staff whocareaboutyoursuccesswithourservice.

Allourtranslators are certified and carefullyselectedto match subjectmatter.


  • Calle Aldama 805 Col. Centro

  • Chihuahua, Chih. Mexico

  • Phone: (614) 440-4025 and (614) 416-26-16


    Luis G. Vásquez Rascón


    [email protected]

Human capital
Human Capital

  • There are a total of 5 free lancers.

  • Weonlyemploy 4 peopleon a regular basis

  • Ourtranslatorsworkon a feebasis.


    Total Revenuefor 2013: $ 200,000.00 USD

Languages we translate in
LanguagesweTranslate in

  • Wetranslate 4 of the romance languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian.

  • Wealsotranslateto 2 of theGermanicLanguages:

  • English and German

Why should ait choose us as its business partner
WhyshouldAITChooseus as itsbusinesspartner?

  • Our expertise in matters relating to Information Technology makes us a reliable translation agency. Testimony from our clients can attest to our timely deliveries, high quality output, and reasonable rates.

  • Our quality program insures that you receive a product

  • Our size favors supplier-customer relationship. There are no bureaucratic procedures when it comes to attending your needs.

  • Accurate and permanent cost estimates at the beginning of each project.

  • The best value in terms of accuracy, localization, and terminology management.

Quality control process
Quality Control Process

  • Ourqualityassuranceprogramfortranslation consistes of a fourstepapproach:

  • Translating

  • Editing

  • Proof Reading/Managing Content

  • Final QualityEvaluation.

Performance guarantee
Performance Guarantee

  • We stand byallthetranslationswe do.

  • Whenclients are notcompletelysatisfied:

    Wewillreviewourwork and modifyaccordingly at no

    extra cost.

  • In anyissuesregardingourtranslationweworkwithyouuntilyou are completelysatisfied.

  • Ourreputationfortimelydeliveries, honoringcosts, and top of the line translationisverygood.

Work flow process

  • 1.- ClientInquiry

  • 2.- Project Analysis

  • 3.- Quoteapproval

  • 4.- TeamSelection

  • 5. Translation/Editing/Proofreading/QualityAssesment

  • 6.- ClientReview/Sign off

Content reviews and updates
Content Reviews and Updates

  • One of themanytoolswe use in translationisSDL-Tradosstudio. This software packagesincludesfeaturesthatallowonetoreview and updateon a regular basis.

Issues related to large translation projects

  • Deliverables: Sometimesourcustomers are in a hurry and wanttohavetheirtranslationsbeforedue dates. We do whatwe can tospeed up thetranslationprocess, and wekeepourpromises.

  • Theremay be nuances in wordswhenit comes tonationalborders, forexampletheSpanishspoken in Puerto Rico isnot quite thesame as theonespoken in Mexico. Withourterminologymanagementtoolwemakesurethatyourtextordocumentisnotgoingto be misinterpretedduetothemisuse of termsbecauseregion.

Largest project
Largest Project

  • Thelargestprojectweparticipated in waswithMinefinders.

  • Translatedover 500,000 wordsfromSpanishto English and French.

  • Theprojectlastedover 2 years and itincludedthetranslation of allsorts of manuals, reports, legal documents, InformationTechnologydocuments, brochures, pamphlets and so on.

  • Ourturn-around times weresuitedtotheirneeds.

  • Wewerepretty agile and had a quick responses allthe time.

Our experience

  • Wehavebeentranslationgallsorts of documents, frommanyfields: FromAstronomytoZoology.

  • When in comes toInformationTechnologywehave quite a bit of experiencewehavenevertranslatedusersmanuals, training manuals : Wehavenevertranslated SAP before.