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  1. CHALLENGING MINDS. INSPIRING SUCCESS Individual Learning Plans and Technology Overcoming access barriers for learners and teachers.

  2. CHALLENGING MINDS. INSPIRING SUCCESS THE CHALLENGE To overcome barriers of physical access when using ILPs to promote reflective learners with a clear understanding of their goals. E-ILPs

  3. CHALLENGING MINDS. INSPIRING SUCCESS THE MISSION Exploit functionality of Blackboard VLE to manage ILPs in an electronic format E-ILPs

  4. CHALLENGING MINDS. INSPIRING SUCCESS THE TARGET BTEC National Diploma Business learners – years 1 and 2 E-ILPs

  5. CHALLENGING MINDS. INSPIRING SUCCESS THE INTENTION To provide access to targets and progress information for all learners and teacher in an anyplace/ anytime manner. To enable learners to take ownership of their targets and to be able to reflect on their performance whenever they feel necessary. To allow teacher the opportunity to provide tutorial commentary about learner performance in a confidential manner. E-ILPs

  6. How was the project established? Consider challenges Evaluate options Discuss Blackboard capabilities Establish format for Blackboard Deliver, evaluate and share IT Services set up “Groups” Provide group information and documentation

  7. CHALLENGING MINDS. INSPIRING SUCCESS Learner led tutorials Teacher acts as a guide Ownership Good reaction from learners Not lost or forgotten Confidentiality DID IT WORK E-ILPs Yes

  8. CHALLENGING MINDS. INSPIRING SUCCESS Suitability of documentation Delays in establishing Blackboard format – November 2006 start date Delays in delivery of teacher/ learner training – late October DID IT WORK E-ILPs No

  9. CHALLENGING MINDS. INSPIRING SUCCESS WHAT THE TEACHERS SAY (1). “So far I have been very impressed with the quality of discussion during tutorials using e-ILPs as a focus and the fact that students have a sense of ownership of their progress and future objectives. One student, as he was writing that he had to improve his behaviour in class, turned to me and said “I can’t believe that I’m writing this – I’ve always known I needed to do this, but I’ve never admitted it before”. There is no doubt that when the students see on the screen what they had hoped for and what they’ve actually achieved it is a powerful tool for acknowledgement of achievement or recognition that change is required.” Diane Evans E-ILPs

  10. CHALLENGING MINDS. INSPIRING SUCCESS WHAT THE TEACHERS SAY (2). “I think that the system has proved more effective than written ILPs, it has allowed the student to take ownership of the process whilst also embracing the preferred method of communication of the modern learner – IT.  No longer can the documents be lost or forgotten as a permanent copy remains pasted securely and confidentially on blackboard.” Mat Scott E-ILPs

  11. CHALLENGING MINDS. INSPIRING SUCCESS WHAT THE LEARNERS SAY (1). “The electronic version of the ILP is much better for me. I’d be worried about losing a paper copy of not bringing it to the sessions when I needed to and there’s the advantage of not having to carry it around.” Jack. “I’m far happier using an electronic document. If I make a mistake, it’s far easier to go back and make the corrections and it’s neater. I prefer using IT for all my work.” Jack “I’ve not yet accessed my ILP from home; however, I have accessed the document away from a tutorial session to check my target dates.” Andy “I like the fact that I can access it at anytime and make amendments to the information.” Max E-ILPs

  12. CHALLENGING MINDS. INSPIRING SUCCESS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? • Monitor pilot project • Identify successes/ improvements • Develop cross college ILP for July 2007 E-ILPs