3 in 1 dustbin group 3 31 n.
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3-in-1 Dustbin Group 3-31 PowerPoint Presentation
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3-in-1 Dustbin Group 3-31

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3-in-1 Dustbin Group 3-31 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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3-in-1 Dustbin Group 3-31 . Group members: Chiam Jia-En 2P405 Liu Zheng Dao 2P415 Ong Jing Heng Shaun 2P419 Tioh Qi Kun 2P429. contents. About Current problems Blueprints Features /Advantages Similar Products/Comparison Possible Problems/Solution Market Plan Q & A. About.

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3 in 1 dustbin group 3 31

3-in-1 DustbinGroup 3-31

Group members:

Chiam Jia-En 2P405

Liu Zheng Dao 2P415

Ong Jing Heng Shaun 2P419

TiohQi Kun 2P429

  • About
  • Current problems
  • Blueprints
  • Features /Advantages
  • Similar Products/Comparison
  • Possible Problems/Solution
  • Market Plan
  • Q & A
  • Dustbin for home and office use
  • Meant for simple and convenient usage
  • Contains 3 features

- Storage Space

- Hooks

- Compressor

in the neighborhood
In the neighborhood…

Problems we face

  • Overflowing dustbin
  • Inconvenient to clear bin
  • Not easy to replace plastic


- Unsightly for other people.

  • Observed from surroundings
  • Asked from 20 people


Introducing the

3 in 1 Hands Free

Convenient dustbin!

3 simple features
3 Simple features
  • Storage Space (Convenient replacement of plastic bags)
  • Hooks for securing the plastic bag
  • Rubbish compressor
storage compartment
Storage compartment
  • Contains plastic bags
  • At the bottom of the Dustbin

-Dustbin contains a “false” bottom


No need to waste time finding another plastic bag for replacement.

The plastic bags need not be replaced regularly .

Extra space at the bottom makes the dustbin convenient for users who usually do not have the habit of storing plastic bags.

  • Allows user to “hook” the plastic bag to the dustbin
  • Located inside at the top of the dustbin

-opposite ends


Faster and less-troublesome for user to attach plastic bag to the dustbin

Convenient changing of plastic bags.

compressor main
  • Allow more rubbish to be stored in the bin
  • Done by pushing the button on top of the dustbin
  • Advantages

Users need not clear the bin so often

The bottom of the compressor can be unscrewed off and cleaned

Need not be done via a complicated process

Eco-friendly as it saves more space for the litter so that the plastic bag can be more effectively used.

comparison with other products
Comparison with other products

“Stomp Dustbin” “3 in 1 Hands Free Dustbin”

Materials quite expensive

Very messy and inconvenient

The plastic bag may burst

-has no limit to compression

Made of cheap materials

Compressor only compresses a certain amount

-does not burst the plastic bag

possible problems
Possible problems
  • The rubbish might not be properly compressed due to the lack of force
  • The hooks might rust or weaken as time passes by
  • The rubbish may have sharper edged that may poke holes in the plastic bag.
  • The storage container may not be screwed on properly.
  • The compressor could be a harder or more sturdy material( therefore we chose plastic)
  • The hooks could be made of stainless steel or a non-rusting material which is highly durable.(etc: plastic)
  • The indentations could be made deeper to make the putting on of the cap easier.
  • The plastic bag could be hooked on closer to the bottom of the bin so that even if there are holes, the rubbish would not spill out.
market plans
Market plans
  • Mainly Home and Office Use

-Not relevant for Industrial usage

  • Materials used are mainly plastic, so cost would not be high
  • Proposed Selling Price $20 - $25

-Profit made is about $5 to $10

links sources


  • http://www.wix.com/raccoonmad/3in1handsfreedustbin
  • http://2p4dustbingroup.wordpress.com/about/

Research Sources

  • http://www.yankodesign.com/2009/05/26/design-is-best-with-stomping/
  • http://www.ciao.co.uk/sr/q-kitchen+dustbins

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