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Week 2- Shooting Shooting Drill #5, Elbow Shooting.

Week 2- Shooting Shooting Drill #5, Elbow Shooting.

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Week 2- Shooting Shooting Drill #5, Elbow Shooting.

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  1. Week 2- Shooting Shooting Drill #5, Elbow Shooting. Player #1 is the re-bounder for player #2. #2 starts at the left elbow, fakes left and cuts to the right elbow. #1 passes to #2 so that the pass arrives at the right elbow the same time #2 does. #2 plants the inside foot, squares up and takes the shot. Make sure that correct shooting form is being used and that the shooter does not "drift" sideways. #1 rebounds the shot and passes back to #2 for the shot now at the left elbow. #2 continues moving back and forth from elbow to elbow for a total of ten shots. Then the players switch roles and #1 is the shooter for ten shots. You can repeat this for as many sets as you want, getting 20, 30, 40 or 50 shots for each player. The elbow shooting drill can be modified. You can have the shooter catch the ball, make a shot fake, cross-over dribble to the middle of the paint (between the free throw line and the circle hash marks) for the short jumper. This is especially useful for your post players, helping them to acquire that "soft touch" on the short, point blank jumper.

  2. 2-Line Layup Drill This classic drill has been around since basketball was invented, and is still a good drill for practicing lay-ups, both right and left-handed. See the diagram. There are two lines, a "shooting" line and a "rebounding" line. The drill starts with the first shooter dribbling in and shooting the lay-up, while the first rebounder rebounds and passes to the next shooter cutting toward the basket. The shooter goes to the rebounding line and the rebounder goes to the shooting line. After a few minutes, switch sides so that now the left line is the shooting line (for shooting left-handed lay-ups). As an option, run the drill with two balls.

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