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The President III

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The President III. 2/16/2012. Clearly Stated Learning Objectives. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: understand and interpret the United States Constitution and apply it to the present (the sections on the presidency and Electoral College).

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clearly stated learning objectives
Clearly Stated Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
    • understand and interpret the United States Constitution and apply it to the present (the sections on the presidency and Electoral College).
    • assess the 2008 & 2012 Presidential Elections without resorting to partisan bickering.
    • identify and explain the role of formal and informal institutions and their effect on policy.
office hours and readings
Office Hours and Readings
  • Readings- Chapter 10 on the Bureaucracy
  • Office Hours
    • Today 11-2
    • No office hours on Monday
who the electoral college helps
Who the Electoral College Helps
  • Big States
  • Small States
  • Swing States
who does it hurt
Who Does it Hurt
  • Third Parties
  • Remote States
  • Partisan States
electoral college do s and don ts
Electoral College Do’s and Don’ts



Spend time where you can’t win

Spend time where you will win

Spend time in remote areas

  • Treat the Race as 51 separate elections
  • Win Your Home State
  • Win your V-P’s State
focus on the swing states
Focus on the Swing States
  • These are the states that matter
  • The Electoral College is Winner take all
  • Obama wins 10 of 11 swing states in 2008
president obama will be tough to beat
President Obama Will be Tough To beat
  • The Last incumbents who lost were
    • 1992
    • 1980
    • 1976
  • President Obama has no primary challenger
  • The President plans to spend 1 billion dollars
a national popular vote
A National Popular Vote
  • How it Would Work
  • Advantages
a national popular vote1
A National Popular Vote
  • Disadvantages
  • Unanticipated Consequences
the founders vision
The Founders Vision
  • There needs to be an executive
  • The balance between impotence and tyranny
  • The office has outstripped this vision
the formal powers are limited
The Formal Powers are Limited
  • Serve as administrative head
  • Lead the armed forces
  • Appointment, pardons and treaties
  • Give a speech
  • Call emergency
the modern responsibilities are not
The Modern Responsibilities are Not
  • The President is now the dominant branch
  • It performs many new functions
  • We expect the president to solve the world’s problems!
the president
The President
  • Constitutional powers are
    • Vague
    • Limited
  • The Demands of the Office are Great
  • Presidents must then use all the tools at their disposal
the vice president
The Vice President
  • Picked for different purposes
  • Limited Constitutional Power
  • At the discretion of the President
  • Can be a liability
why did mccain choose palin
Why did McCain Choose Palin?
  • Get space between himself and Bush
  • Get someone who was not an old man
  • Get someone to appeal to the conservative base
  • McCain loses no matter who he picks
executive stuff
Executive Stuff

Executive Orders

Executive Agreements

Bilateral agreements with other nations

Carry the weight of a treaty

Not that great of a power

The Senate hates these

  • Carry the weight of law
  • Must be on a single issue
  • Cannot require new revenues
  • Die when the president leaves
the veto
The Veto
  • The “Smart Bomb” in the legislative process
  • Most vetoes are sustained
  • Can be overused
  • Threats work better
the power to persuade
The Power to Persuade
  • Richard Neustadt
  • Presidential Power is the Power To Persuade
  • What is Persuasion
  • You have to convince them by what ever means necessary
  • Getting Decision makers to do what you want
    • The Johnson Treatment
getting things done trading favors
Getting things Done: Trading Favors
  • Prestige of the office
  • Granting New Favors
  • Calling in Past Favors
getting things done reprisals
Getting Things Done: Reprisals
  • Monetary Threats
  • Campaign Threats
  • Policy Threats
why persuasion fails
Why Persuasion Fails
  • Threats are Not Credible
  • Favors are not worth it
  • Electoral Security and temporal forces
why president obama is currently having difficulty persuading
Why President Obama is Currently having difficulty persuading
  • Republicans do not want to compromise
  • Democrats are already on board
  • The Election is getting close