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Welcome to FLVS!

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Welcome to FLVS! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to FLVS!

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  1. Welcome to FLVS! Mrs. Tompkins HOPE HOPE

  2. Teacher Expectations • Return all calls within 24 hours • Return email within 24 hours • Grade work within 48 hours • Keep in touch with our 150-200 students! • Help YOU finish HOPE successfully!

  3. Love your grades! Student Expectations • Daily/Weekly Duties: • STUDENTS MUST SUBMIT WORK EACH AND EVERY WEEK ;) • Students must review emails frequently. (There are two accounts to check!) • Instructors communicate important messages this way. • It is also very important to review your grade book regularly. If there are any grades that you are not content with, you may resubmit them for a better score. • Monthly Calls: • * 30 days or less • * Parent and student • * Check student dashboard for call date • Oral Discussions: • * Completed when it appears in course • * Parent ensures academic integrity

  4. Grace Period • First 28 days from activation – trial period • You are required to submit work, every week, following the pace chart. • You should be on pace by the end of the grace period. • No penalty/No grade – You may withdraw from course during the • grace period if you feel the course is not right for you. • If you withdraw for any reason, after the grace period, you may be withdrawn with an “F” and that does go on your high school transcripts.

  5. Getting Started • To begin, go to • Save this website to your favorites • Click login Log in here->

  6. Getting Started This is your dashboard!! You will see this every time you log in. Click on my class to enter Dashboard Emails Enter class here Monthly Call What week am I in? Overduefor Monthly Call

  7. Don’t Forget to Check Out the Announcement Page: You will be taken here automatically when you log in Click here to get to the announcement page Also check out the class website: (Save to Your Favorites )

  8. Phone Calls*All phone calls are mandatory. I should speak with student and a parent at least once a month 3. Monthly Calls: Monthly Calls need to be completed once a month. Monthly calls require the teacher, student, and parent. Monthly calls are a way to keep you updated on your progress in the class. 1. Welcome Calls: This is the first call that needs to be completed. Welcome calls need to include the teacher, student, and parent/guardian. You will need to complete this call prior to starting the course. 2. Discussion Based Assessments (DBA): Discussion based assessments are completed with the teacher and student. Discussion based assessments are a way for me to talk with you about the topic you have just completed. We will use the information you have just learned and apply it to your everyday life. Discussion based assessments are completed at the end of each topic.

  9. How to Make an Appointment for a Phone Call Look for a link on the announcement page to schedule an appointment. *If you do not see a day and time on the scheduler that works, please e-mail me a good day and time frame to call you. The link will take you here Choose a day of the week, what type of call you need, and an available time. Make sure to use the student name and best phone number to call to reach the student. If completing a Discussion Based Assessment, please include which topic you are completing.

  10. How to Manage Your Time It is crucial to stay on top of completing your work. You should submit no less than 1 assignment every week. Pace charts can be found on the class website under the link “HOPE Extras.” There are 3 options and a blank chart; choose the best one for you

  11. How do I find everything? “Textbook” “Teachers Desk” Work through one segment at a time. You can choose which topic to begin with. Segment One Segment Two Make sure to LOGOFF, when leaving, in order to avoid “cookie” problems.

  12. First things first! Please begin by going to the “Getting Started” section. Complete everything in this section. The first assignment will be your first fitness test. Please complete all the parts and submit that document to your teacher. Submit under your assessment tab.

  13. Getting Started, lesson 3, 2nd page…. Fitness test Explanation of each test

  14. Do not fill this side out Segment One Fitness Test Complete this side only Your status is how your scores compare to the standard for your age

  15. BMI Fitness Standards Mile Females Sit and Reach Males Push ups

  16. Turning in your assignments The assessments are in ABC order, so it would be best to make sure you are working through the topics, rather than just coming to your assessment page to decide what to turn in next. Let the topic guide what you turn in. Step 1: Click on ASSESSMENTS. Step 2: Select the lesson. Step 3: Complete your work by typing directly into the “Student Comment” box or by attaching a file. If you attach a file, do not use a ( . ) period in the file name. Step 4: When you are ready to turn in your assignment, check the “Submit for Grading” box AND click the “Submit” button. Make sure you see the check mark if you want me to grade it. Then press submit. Either upload or copy and paste your assignment here.

  17. Workout Logs – One Per Topic Every workout log has a goal **Make sure you log at least 6 hours /360 minutes total with at least 3 different physical activities** Every workout log has reflection questions and a fitness test comparison, please make sure you answer everything.

  18. Collaboration You will need to complete two collaboration assignments throughout this course. One in the first segment and one in the second segment. Look for e-mails and phone calls to let you know when the collaboration sessions are happening.

  19. CPR Certification Any student taking Segment 2 of the HOPE course will need to become CPR certified. You will need to complete the CPR certification in segment 2, but please feel free to complete it sooner. You will send me your certification card either by scanning and attaching the card to the assignment or faxing me your certification card. My fax number can be found on the announcement page.

  20. Guardian Account A Guardian Account gives parents access to all areas of the course. They can access all lessons, assignments, grades, and pace and progress information relevant to their child’s coursework. To sign up, go to You will see a link on the home page.

  21. Thank you, I hope this helps! Please call or email with any additional questions.