introduction to internet protocol over satellite ipos tia 1008 l.
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Introduction to Internet Protocol Over Satellite (IPoS)TIA-1008

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Introduction to Internet Protocol Over Satellite (IPoS)TIA-1008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Internet Protocol Over Satellite (IPoS)TIA-1008 . Sebastian Coe TSM 601 Professor Bowman. How does IP over Satellite Work?. Overview. IPoS is governed by TIA standard 1008 It divides the use of IPoS into three main ‘segments’ [1]. (Hughes Network Systems). User Segment.

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introduction to internet protocol over satellite ipos tia 1008

Introduction to Internet Protocol Over Satellite(IPoS)TIA-1008

Sebastian Coe

TSM 601

Professor Bowman

Sebastian Coe - IPoS (TIA-1008)

how does ip over satellite work
How does IP over Satellite Work?

Sebastian Coe - IPoS (TIA-1008)

  • IPoS is governed by TIA standard 1008
  • It divides the use of IPoS into three main ‘segments’ [1]

(Hughes Network Systems)

Sebastian Coe - IPoS (TIA-1008)

user segment
User Segment
  • Individual PC users have a small outdoor satellite dish that has a direct ‘line of sight’ orientation towards a satellite in the sky. [6]
  • Inside, the user has a special modem that connects the outdoor portion and

indoor portion of the user segment [6]

Sebastian Coe - IPoS (TIA-1008)

user segment5
User Segment
  • At the user segment the demodulated IPoS packets can be ‘rerouted using standard Ethernet card or wireless communication techniques such as WLAN.’ [6]
  • Put simply, once IPoS packets

are on the ground, they can be easily

retransmitted through well known systems

Sebastian Coe - IPoS (TIA-1008)

hub segment
Hub Segment
  • The Hub Segment serves as a ‘gateway’ for large numbers of IPoS users. [1]
  • It is a ground link between

users, satellites, and the rest of

the networks that make up the


Sebastian Coe - IPoS (TIA-1008)

hub segment7
Hub Segment
  • The Hub segment is in charge of converting packets from ‘one protocol to another’. [1]
  • It is in charge of making sure that traffic is properly routed through the

network. [1]

Sebastian Coe - IPoS (TIA-1008)

space segment
Space Segment
  • Ku Band Transponders [6]
  • Bi-directional transmission is possible between user and hub segments [1]
          • Bent pipe transmission is used [1]
          • One hub segment can access multiple space segments simultaneously [1]

Sebastian Coe - IPoS (TIA-1008)

ipos protocol
IPoS Protocol
  • IPoS protocol is

An extension of IP

It is designed to allow

IP packets to travel

Through a space

Based medium

(Hughes Network Systems)

Sebastian Coe - IPoS (TIA-1008)

quick review
Quick Review
  • IPoS works through the coordination of the user, hub, and space segments.
  • IPoS uses space based transponders, it uses microwaves to transmit information

Sebastian Coe - IPoS (TIA-1008)

quick review11
Quick Review
  • IPoS encapsulates IP packets so they can travel across the satellite network. IP and IPoS work together, but can be developed separately.
  • The hub segment has the major task

of bringing together and getting user

information to and from the Internet

Sebastian Coe - IPoS (TIA-1008)

  • IPoS allows for up to 155Mbps


  • Required Equipment: IPoS enabled modem, user equipped satellite dishes, dedicated satellite transponders, ground base stations

Sebastian Coe - IPoS (TIA-1008)

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Sebastian Coe - IPoS (TIA-1008)

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Sebastian Coe - IPoS (TIA-1008)