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Facebook. What is Facebook ?. Facebook is a social network that has taken the internet by storm. It’s a place for people to connect, share information, promote businesses, and build relationships and credibility.

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what is facebook
What is Facebook?
  • Facebook is a social network that has taken the internet by storm.
  • It’s a place for people to connect, share information, promote businesses, and build relationships and credibility.
  • If used properly, Facebook can serve as a great marketing tool and help you recruit coaches and recommend products.
building relationships
Building Relationships
  • If you want to become successful in this business, you have to build relationships with people, both online and offline.
  • Facebook is different than other social networking sites in that when someone adds you as a “friend,” for whatever reason they feel like they now have a connection with you and know you on a personal level.
  • When you establish relationships, build trust and credibility, over time people will listen to your recommendations.
selling vs recommending
Selling VS Recommending
  • Most new coaches have a hard time understanding the difference between selling and recommending.
    • When you “sell” something, people feel you’re doing it for your own benefit.
    • When you “recommend” something, people feel you’re trying to help them.
    • There is a BIG difference!
  • It’s important that you become a product of the product, meaning you use something, understand the value in it, and then recommend it to others.
    • Your passion and confidence when talking about a product will lead to others having confidence in you.
    • Recommend the products and coaching opportunity like you recommend a good movie, doctor, etc.
selling vs recommending1
Selling VS Recommending
  • If something doesn’t work for you, don’t recommend it.
  • When people know you’re a Beachbody Coach and earn commission from Beachbody products, and you recommend a non-Beachbody product, that builds trust, so when you do recommend a Beachbody product, they know it works and will get involved.
    • Be honest with people. If you don’t a like product, tell them.
  • Approach people with the intent to help them, not sell to them.
  • Truly believe that Beachbody products can help change lives, and others will believe as well.
be you
  • Don’t change who you are just because you’re now a Beachbody Coach.
  • Show people you’re normal, have flaws, struggle, and fail.
    • This way people know you’re human.
    • I will send emails to my customers letting them know I struggled on the diet/workouts because the more you relate to them, the better you will be at relationship building.
    • You can talk about your failures, but mention how you have learned from them and moved forward.
      • Gives people hope.
  • The best thing you can do for your business is treat the people you coach and talk to as friends, not customers or potential customers.
  • Be positive! Positivity spreads like wildfire and makes people feel great.
    • When posting on Facebook, keep posts positive because nobody likes negativity.
setting up your facebook account
Setting Up Your Facebook Account
  • Go to Facebook.com, and fill out the necessary information to get signed up.
  • Next, you will need to adjust some settings.
  • To do so, go to “My Account” in the upper right hand corner and select “Account Settings.”
  • Once there, the first thing you will need to do is update your username.
    • Right next to “username,” click “change,” and then create a short, easy username.
    • This is important for sharing purposes.
      • Your Facebook link will become facebook.com/(username).
  • Next, update your privacy settings.
    • Click “manage” in the privacy section and adjust the settings how you please.
mobile settings
Mobile Settings
  • If you want, you can have all Facebook notifications sent to your phone.
    • This is great if you’re expecting a message while away from your computer.
  • To do so, go to “Account,” “Account Settings,” and then “Mobile.”
  • Adjust the settings.
updating profile
Updating Profile
  • Next, you will need to update your profile with all the necessary information.
  • Click on “Profile” at the top right hand corner, and right under your picture select “Info.”
  • Update your employer information to include Beachbody and what you do as a Beachbody Coach.
    • See next slide.
  • Scroll down and edit your “Basic Information.”
    • Be sure to include all of your website links.
      • Blog, Shakeology site, etc.
  • Make sure you update your contact information as well, and include your website links again.
  • Fill out the rest of your profile.
profile picture
Profile Picture
  • Being a product of the product and getting results with Beachbody products is important for marketing purposes.
  • If you have a great transformation, use one of your “after” pictures as your profile picture.
    • If you don’t, use a picture showing you having fun!
  • On your profile page, select “Edit Profile” under your name, and then select “Profile Picture” on the left. You can now upload a picture from your computer.
  • Stay away from any profile pictures that would tarnish your image, such as pictures with alcohol.
  • See next slide.
picture albums
Picture Albums
  • You’re going to want to create a picture album of your “before” and “after” photos if you have them.
  • On your profile page, select “Photos,” and then “Upload Photos” in the top right hand corner.
  • The same rule for the profile picture applies to any albums that you create, and you don’t want to upload anything that will tarnish your image.
  • Be sure to include any photos with Beachbody celebs like Tony Horton, Carl Daikeler, and Chalene Johnson.
  • Also include pictures of you doing Beachbody workouts and using Beachbody products for credibility.
  • See next slide.
adding videos
Adding Videos
  • People love videos, especially ones with product reviews, transformation pictures, workout and diet tips, and transformation stories.
  • Whenever you create a video, be sure to include your website name at the beginning and end.
    • I use Windows Movie Maker to create all of my videos.
  • To upload a video onto Facebook, right next to “Share” select “Video,” and then “Upload a Video.”
  • See next slide.
status updates
Status Updates
  • It’s important that you try to update your status each hour.
    • Use Hootsuite to schedule your posts.
      • There is a separate training on how to use Hootsuite.
  • Make sure you respond to any comments on your posts in a timely manner.
    • Remember, the more conversations you engage in, the more relationships you will build.
  • Be enthusiastic, passionate, and positive!
    • People don’t like to surround themselves with negativity.
facebook status don ts
Facebook Status Don’ts
  • Adding links to your Beachbody shop page.
  • Talking about how others can save 25% as a coach.
  • Telling people to contact you to learn more about Beachbody products. 
  • Talking about nothing but Beachbody.
  • Telling people that they need to join your team.
  • Saying that you have a business opportunity.
  • Mentioning how to add you as their free coach.
    • If you're carrying on a conversation with someone, then you can mention this, but try to do this through messaging.
  • "Recruit" other coach's customers.
    • This happened to me in the past, and I reported that person to Beachbody. It's against company rules, so be careful with this.
facebook status do s
Facebook Status Do’s
  • Talk about your story and success WITHOUT posting links.
  • Post fitness and health tips.
  • Talk about other people's success stories, preferably your family and friends, with different Beachbody products.
  • Ask questions to spark conversation. For example, "What's on your to-do-list for the day?" or "How many of you are watching Vampire Diaries tonight?"
  • Keep a balance between personal and business posts. 
    • People want to know you!
  • Posting links to your blog posts.
    • People don’t perceive blogs as “salesy.”
    • Use bit.ly to keep track of clicks.
  • Posting links to attend a Business Opportunity Webinar. 
  • Spending about a half hour on Facebook Chat.
    • Many of my coaches and customers have come from me talking about the opportunity through Facebook chat. 
facebook messages
Facebook Messages
  • It’s important that you respond to all Facebook messages within 24 hours that you receive them.
    • This has been something I have done since day 1, and many people respect that and make me their coach because of doing so.
    • If not, they will find a coach who will.
  • There are many questions that people will ask you through messaging instead of posting on your wall because of the fear of being embarrassed.
  • Good place to talk to people about making you their coach and about the coaching opportunity.
connecting with customers
Connecting with Customers
  • If you already have an existing customer base, run a customer report in your coach office and then look them up to see if they are on Facebook.
  • I have found that the customers who don’t respond to your emails will respond to your Facebook messages.
    • Many times the Beachbody bulk emails go directly into people’s spam folders.
    • Customers love when you reach out to them individually instead of through a bulk email.
creating an event
Creating an Event
  • There is a feature on Facebook that allows you to create an event and invite people.
    • It can be a challenge, accountability group, or even an actual local event.
      • i.e. We created an event not too long ago for anyone who wanted to join us for 90 days of P90X, and had about 120 “attend” the event.
  • This is a good way to invite your customers, prospects, and coaches to any Corporate BeachbodyEventsor Home Parties.
  • On your Home Page, in the right hand column there is an “Events” section, and right underneath that is a blank box. To create an event, just click on it.
  • See next slide.
creating notes
Creating Notes
  • Facebook notes are a lot like blog posts, but you have the ability to tag people in them.
    • i.e. You can create a note about your top supplements and then tag some of your customers.
  • To create a note, go to your profile page, and then select “Notes” under your profile picture. Next, go to the top right hand corner and select “Write a Note.”
  • Once you’re done writing the note, you can tag whoever you want by typing in the name in the “Tags.”
  • See next slide.
explaining like pages
Explaining “Like” Pages
  • A “Like” page is a Facebook profile that allows people to “Like” you instead of adding you as a friend.
  • Many people feel that they should have a separate “Like” Page for strictly the Beachbody business, but it’s important to still keep a balance between personal and business posts.
  • There are a few differences between “Like” pages and personal pages:
    • “Like” pages allow unlimited “likes” while personal pages have a 5,000 friend limit.
    • “Like” pages are optimized, meaning they are picked up by search engines, while personal pages are not.
    • “Like” pages don’t allow personal messages while personal pages do.
creating a like page
Creating a “Like” Page
  • First, sign out of Facebook.
  • Next, under “Sign Up,” click on “Create a page for a celebrity, band or business.”
  • Under “Create a page for a:” select “Artist, band or public figure.”
  • For the “Page Name” box, put your name.
    • It’s important that you use ONLY your name for branding purposes.
      • i.e. Do not use Beachbody Coach “Your Name.”
  • Check the box that says you’re the official representative and click “Create official page.”

Be sure to select “public figure”

Use your name for branding purposes