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UEMS General Information. Dr . Bernard Maillet Secretary General. 1957 EEC Treaty of Rome. Foundation of the UEMS in 1958 by the professional organi s ations of medical specialists of Belgium France Germany Italy Luxembourg t he Netherlands. Objectives of the UEMS.

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Uems general information

Dr. Bernard Maillet

Secretary General

Uems general information

1957 EEC

Treaty of Rome

Foundation of the UEMS in 1958

by the professional organisations

of medical specialists of






the Netherlands

Uems general information

Objectives of the UEMS

  • The study and promotion of the highest level of training of the medical specialists, medical practice and health care within the European Union.

  • The study and promotion of free movement of specialist doctors within the European Union.

Uems general information

Objectives of the UEMS

Harmonisation and improvement of quality of medical specialist training and practice in Europe

Objectives of Sections of UEMS

Professional defence of their specialty

Harmonization of the profession at the European level

Uems general information

UEMS, early years

Establishment Specialist Sections

Focus on European legislation

Working towards mutual recognition of diplomas coupled with basic quality requirements

Exchange diplomas effected 1975

Uems general information


National professional level : lack of unity

European level : too many professional medical organisations

European Union (SanCo) : limited to Public health, priorities :

* Health surveillance

* Health threats, rapid response

* Health determinants

Uems general information


National Medical Associations

Sections and Boards


Uems general information


Management Council

National Medical Associations

Executive Committee



Liaison Officer

Secretary General

4 Vice - Presidents

Uems general information


Sections and Boards

Based on the different Specialities

Fundamental organ that influences policy on


Mutual Recognition

CME / CPD in collaboration with EACCME

Uems general information


Are a fundamental and specific structure

Is the backbone of the UEMS

Proposes minimal training schemes for specialisation

Facilitates the harmonisation of training

About 2000 specialists active in the work in Europe

Uems general information


Membership of a Section

Two specialist doctors of the EU or EFTA countries

Appointed by their National Professional Monospecialist Organisation

nominations approved by the National Medical Association representing the country at the UEMS Council

appointment for four years, can be renewed twice

Uems general information


Voting Rights in a Section

Full member countries where the speciality is officially recognised

Subject to payment of the subscription to the Section

the others and the Associated Member Countries or the Observers acting in an advisory capacity

Uems general information


Working Group of a Section

Equal representation of :


Scientific Society of that Speciality

Uems general information



Harmonize CME (– CPD) in Europe

Act as a clearing house to help Medical Specialists to exchange their credits

Has an agreement on mutual recognition of credits with the AMA

Uems general information

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Maintenance of Academic Knowledge and Skills

Uems general information

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Means of Updating, Developing and Enhancing how Doctors apply the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes required in their working lives.

  • The Competence development includes CME + Personal, Managerial, IT, Communication and Social skills.

Uems general information


Purpose UEMS policy

  • Contribute to quality and harmonization of CME in Europe

  • To make life easier for our colleagues by easing access to international CME

  • Developing quality guidelines

  • Maintaining national authority

Mandatory cme
Mandatory CME

Legal : Austria, France, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland

Financial : Belgium, Norway

Professional : Germany, Ireland, Spain, United Kingdom

Voluntary : Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden

Uems general information

Shift to mandatory CME in Europe

  • Policy UEMS : CME is an ethical obligation and should not be mandatory

  • Voluntary CME is effective on macro-level

  • But, on individual level participation has to be encouraged

    Mandatory CME is not effective in the weeding out of bad apples

Uems general information

Effects Mandatory CME

  • Recognition CME credits by a National Regulating body, preferably a professional body

  • Quality of CME activities is being assessed by a scientific body

    End of freedom of CME providers to determine the content of their programs themselves

Uems general information

What Activities are Granted?

  • Currently:

    • Individual Events

      • Conferences

      • Scientific Meetings

  • Future:

    • CME Providers

      • Enduring Materials – CD Rom

      • Internet Courses

Uems general information

Draft Flowchart

Accreditation in Europe

National AccreditationAuthorities





Accreditation Bodies

Uems general information

Draft Flowchart

Accreditation in Europe



National AccreditationAuthorities

Evaluate the value of the meeting

Grant the credits according to the National rules

Uems general information

Draft Flowchart

Accreditation in Europe



European Accreditation Bodies

Evaluate the value of the meeting

Propose a number of credits

National Accreditation Authorities

Accept the scientific evaluation by the UEMS Sections and Boards

Apply the number of credits relating to the national rules


Two major partners in the process :

  • European Specialist Accreditation Boards

  • National Accreditation Authorities

Scientific approval
Scientific approval

Done by Accreditation Boards of the

involved specialty :

  • UEMS Sections and/or Boards

  • European Specialty Accreditation Boards

Eu r op e an specialist a ccreditati o n boards
European Specialist Accreditation Boards

  • Collaboration between the UEMS Sections and the European Scientific Societies in the Field of the Specialisation

  • Section or Board of the UEMS

N a ti o nal accreditat i on authority
National Accreditation Authority

  • Ministry of Health – Health Authority

  • Ministry of Social Affairs

  • Professional Bodies

  • Medical Associations

  • Universities

  • Not existing

Uems general information


  • Harmonisation

  • Simplification

  • Same criteria

  • Two major partners :

    • National Accreditation Authority

    • European Accreditation Boards

Uems general information

Draft Flowchart

Accreditation in Europe


UEMS suggestion

Fullcredits (E CME C)

No weighted factors

1 ECMEC per hour of activity

3 ECMEC for a half day / 6 ECMEC for a full day activity

Translation of these E CME C’s to National credits can follow therules of the National Accreditation Authority

For instance : can have a maximum

weighting factors can be introduced nationally

Uems general information


Request 3 months


N.A.A. E.S.A.B.

Evaluation 3 weeks Evaluation


Letter of Acceptance


Uems general information


  • Agreements with National Accreditation Authorities

  • Agreement with Section and / or ESAB’s

  • Harmonised uniform request form

  • Harmonisation on fees

Uems general information


  • Sliding scale based on the number of participants

  • No relation between number of credits and the fee

  • Single invoice

Uems general information

Future Tasks

Unity of purpose and policy

Coordination of separate national medical organisations

Coordination of European organisations

Enlargement of investment by national medical organisations in European medical matters, in imagination, in people, expertise and financial means

Uems general information

Comparison European - National politics

European National

  • Parliament Parliament

  • Commissioner Minister

  • Commission Administration

  • DG Ministry

  • Council of Ministers

U e m s

  • Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes

  • European Union of Medical Specialists