The health insurance market
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The Health Insurance Market. Contributors to Costs and External Factors. The Health Insurance Market. Public Health System Cost Drivers. The cost of a private room in a public hospital has doubled since 2005.

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The health insurance market

The Health Insurance Market

Contributors to Costs and External Factors.

Public health system cost drivers
Public Health System Cost Drivers

  • The cost of a private room in a public hospital has doubled since 2005.

  • The cost of a semi-private room in a public hospital has risen by more than 137% in the same time period.

  • Increase in cost of “multi occupancy” beds to insured patients: from €80 to €813 per night!

Health insurance levy
Health Insurance Levy

  • The health insurance levy has increased by 150% since it was introduced in 2009.

  • The levy is not serving this purpose of community rating but rather, is undermining the entire market that it is supposed to protect.

  • When the levy is increased, three out of four insurers have no choice but to increase their prices to meet this cost.

  • The levy, while designed to be neutral, will inevitably and invariably lead to price increases across the market.

  • Since inception, over 300,000 mostly younger members have been forced out of the market.

Potential cost drivers
Potential Cost Drivers

Overall we expect a continued upward pressure on health insurance premiums

  • Medical Inflation Cost Drivers – expected to be small over coming years

  • Aging in the market – will drive up cost of claims (further impacted by fallout of younger members which we expect to continue)

  • Tax Relief at Source – potential for further reductions at next budget (impacts net premium paid)

  • Change to public hospital bed designation will drive up payments to public hospitals

  • Expect that Health Insurance Levy will continue to increase

  • Potential reductions in fees paid to private medical consultants

  • Ongoing negotiation with private hospitals to deliver greater efficiencies may result in some reductions

  • MFTP policy of Government may change the model for public hospitals – though we do not expect costs to reduce