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The Cay. Mr. Z Nicole Hospel 6th Grade/4th hour February 2, 2010 Final Project. Themes. Adventure Prejudice Survival Hope Trust War Friendship Lonesome Life vs. death Blind. Survival.

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the cay

The Cay

Mr. Z

Nicole Hospel

6th Grade/4th hour

February 2, 2010

Final Project

  • Adventure
  • Prejudice
  • Survival
  • Hope
  • Trust
  • War
  • Friendship
  • Lonesome
  • Life vs. death
  • Blind


Survival is a theme in the beginning of the book. There is a war going on. Phillip and his mother have to leave for their safety. Just before they leave, a ship heading out to sea burst into flames. It was hit. Then they leave. When Phillip and his mother were on the boat and leaving the island their boat was torpedoed. Phillip and his mom were separated. Phillip ended up on a raft with a negro. Phillip and the negro have to survive out at sea in the middle of the ocean. They are all alone.



Survival is also a theme in the middle of the book. Phillip and Timothy are out in the middle of the ocean hoping to be rescued. Phillip accidentally falls over board because he can not see and there are sharks in the water. Timothy jumps in and rescues him. They both get back in the raft. They find an island but there is no fresh water to drink. They again hope for rain to survive. They have to become friends and must work together and help each other if they are going to survive.



A hurricane comes to the cay. Phillip and Timothy try to survive the storm. Timothy ends up dying after the hurricane. Phillip is now on his own on the cay. He has to remember what Timothy has taught him if he wants to survive. Finally, a plane flies over and spots Phillip. They send a boat for him and Phillip is rescued from the cay. He still has to survive the world ahead of him.

mrs mr enright
Mrs./ Mr. Enright

Mrs. Enright

  • Phillip’s over protective mother
  • Prejudice

Mr. Enright

  • Phillip’s father
  • Works at an oil refinery
  • Is needed during the war
  • Can be paid a lot during the war
main character

Main Character

Phillip is the main character. In the beginning of the book, he is prejudice. Phillip thinks that all black people are not like the white. “They are different.” Phillip was told to always address someone as a mister, but Timothy was no mister. Timothy was black. Phillip referred to him as a negro. Phillip said that the blacks live in their section and the whites live in a different area.

main character8

Main Character

Phillip is still prejudice in the middle of the book. Phillip referred to Timothy as a negro. Phillip thinks everyman should know his own age. Timothy does not know how old he is. Phillip thought Timothy looked like someone that is from Africa. Timothy looked a lot like what Phillip had seen in jungle pictures.

main character9

Main Character

Phillip is not really prejudice in the end of the book. He has been with a black man for a very long time. While Phillip was on the island, he learned that blacks and whites are the same on the inside and it doesn’t matter what color skin you have. If anything, Phillip is prejudice about kids his own age. Phillip has matured and doesn’t like to play kid games. He thinks kids his own age play little kid games because he was on an island with Timothy and himself. Phillip has learned how to survive and do chores.

  • Phillip is 11 years old.
  • He is somewhat rude.
  • He yelled “you’re saving all the water for your self” to Timothy.
  • Prejudice
  • Timothy’s face couldn’t be blacker or his teeth whiter.
  • They made an alabaster trench in his mouth.
  • His pinkish purple lips peeled back over them, like the meat of a conch shell.
  • Timothy had a big welt, like a scar,on his left cheek.
  • He is West Indian.
  • He is the biggest West Indian Phillip had seen.
  • Timothy is a Negro.
  • Very muscular
  • “Neck was the size of a small tree trunk”
  • Skin was alligatored and cracked.
  • Skin was tough from working barefoot on the hot decks of schooners and freighters.
  • Stranded on a raft with Phillip.
  • Extremely old
  • Seemed powerful
timothy s survival techniques
Timothy’s Survival Techniques
  • Don’t even look at the water-page 46
  • Don’t look directly at the sun-page 33
  • Built a shelter out of clothes-page 34
  • Let the fish flop on the raft for food-page 38
  • They had to be wise about the water-page 36
  • When Timothy puts a cloth on Phillip’s head-page 46
  • Fillet the fish to eat-page 38
phillip s prejudice
Phillip’s Prejudice
  • I see many of them- page 32
  • Black and ugly- page 33
  • Because he was black-page 35
  • They were different-page 37
  • They lived in their section and us in ours-page 41
phillip s rudeness
Phillip’s Rudeness
  • Phillip yelled “your saving all the water for yourself.” - page 38
  • Phillip asking his name - page 35
  • “That isn’t enough”- page36
  • I wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for my mother - page 39


I am going to visit the cay again. I have not been there for ten years. I can not wait to see it again. I remember the times Timothy and I had together. I see the fishing hole that Timothy and I fished at, I remember him teaching me how to fish. When I first got to the cay, I was not able to tell where anything was. Then, I realized if I shut my eyes and acted if I were blind again, I would be able to tell where most of the things were. I wanted to make sure I visited Timothy’s grave. I went to go look for Timothy’s grave. Timothy’s grave was very hard to find, but I eventually found it. I stood at the grave and remembered all the good and bad times we had together. I wish Timothy was here with me to see the cay. I knew Timothy would like to be here with me one more time. Then, I had to leave the cay. I was disappointed that I was not able to see everything I wanted to.

musical connection
Musical Connection
  • “To Dr. King’s dream, which can come true if the very young know and understand.”