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Jessy$0nd0$. Julius Ceaser. Act 1 Scene 1. When did the play start ? And Where?. on 15 February on the day of the feast of Luprical in Rome. Who was Julius Ceaser?.

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Act 1

Scene 1

when did the play start and where
When did the play start? And Where?
  • on 15 February on the day of the feast of Luprical in Rome.
who was julius ceaser
Who was Julius Ceaser?
  • The governer of Rome , who was a great leader and led them to victories by victoried over his enemy Pompey in a civil war.
why were there some people who were worried about ceaser s ambition conspirators
Why were there some people who were worried about Ceaser’s ambition (conspirators) ?
  • Because they suspect that Ceaser might accept the people’s crown and make him self a king and make Rome kingdom.

Act 1

Scene 2

why did cassius talk to brutus during the luprical day
Why did cassius talk to Brutus during the luprical day ?
  • To presuade him that ceaser’s ambition becomes dangerous.
what did ceaser do when he saw cassius talking to brutus
What did Ceaser do when he saw Cassius talking to Brutus?
  • He told Mark Antony that he did not trust Cassius and that is the reason of his worry.
who talked to ceaser during the luprical day and what did he tell him
Who talked to Ceaser During the Luprical day? And What did he tell him?
  • The soothsayer talked to Ceaser and he warned him to be careful of “the ides of march”.
what did casca tell cassius and brutus
What did Casca tell Cassius and Brutus?
  • He told them that Ceaser had been offered the crown again but he refused it.
what did cassius and brutus decide to do
What did Cassius and Brutus decide to do?
  • They decided to meet again to discuss Ceaser’s ambition.

Act 1

Scene 3

what did the conspirators do during the hole month
What did the conspirators do during the hole month?
  • They sent different letter in different handwritting to Brutus expressing worry of Ceaser’s Ambition.
what happened on 14 march
What happened on 14 March?
  • There was a terrible storm which the conspirators considered a bad Omen of Ceaser’s ambition.
what did they decide to do
What did they decide to do?
  • to persuade Brutus to be with them in their conspiracy against Ceaser.