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AT1000 Asset Tracker. Product Overview January 23, 2013. OVERVIEW. Asset Tracker Value Types of Assets Benefits AT1000 Features Inside & Out Transmission Modes In the Box Accessories Summary Supporting Materials. ASSET TRACKER.

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At1000 asset tracker

AT1000 Asset Tracker

Product Overview

January 23, 2013


  • Asset Tracker

    • Value

    • Types of Assets

    • Benefits

  • AT1000

    • Features

      • Inside & Out

      • Transmission Modes

    • In the Box

    • Accessories

  • Summary

  • Supporting Materials

Asset tracker

  • Whether a business uses trailers, containers, construction equipment, or other portable equipment; missing, lost or stolen assets can cost them time and money

  • Asset Tracker enables businesses to actively track and manage high-value assets

  • With Asset Tracker, they’ll always know where their assets are and what they are doing

Assets of all types

  • Suitable for

    • Transportation: trailers, containers, bins

    • Heavy Equipment: cranes, backhoes, bobcats

    • Buildings: construction offices, sales offices

    • Other machinery: generators, lighting, etc.

    • Any moveable equipment, powered or not

Return on investment

  • #1 Reduce theft & associated costs

    • When your trailer or container is lost, stolen or missing, it can lead to significant losses for your business

    • The loss is more than the asset itself, it’s the time and effort replacing it; plus the lost work time until a replacement is ready

    • With GPS tracking, the exact location of a lost asset can be provided to the authorities for immediate recovery; your business can get back to work faster

Return on investment1

  • #2 Asset Visibility

    • Asset tracking gives you real-time reporting with location and status as you need it

    • Specific assets can be located more quickly, and sent to jobs on short notice

    • Higher visibility makes the management team more effective, and makes dispatching easier

Return on investment2

  • #3: Improved Utilization

    • Your assets are a big investment; when they sit idle you don’t make any return

    • Low utilization impacts your cash flow and profit

    • Tracking can highlight idle/ underused assets, so you can put them to work, or dispose of them

Sector specific benefits

  • Trailers/Containers

    • Instantly know if the trailers are ahead of, or behind schedule

    • Validate stopped times and transit times

    • Be alerted of arrivals and departures

    • Track unauthorized movements

  • Construction companies

    • Locate heavy equipment, such as bulldozers, front end loaders, generators, in the field

    • Track equipment use using engine hours reports

    • Schedule maintenance checks and servicing without the need to manually track hours

    • Be alerted for multiple events including theft and off hours operation.

At1000 asset tracker1

  • Inside & Outside

    • 3G HSPA

    • Onboard 3D accelerometer

    • 3 activity-driven transmission rates

    • Emergency button and 2 I/O inputs

    • Up to 3 year battery life

    • Fully rechargeable

    • Over-the-air configuration

    • Rugged, weatherproof casing

      • IP67 certified

    • Small footprint

      • 155mm x 81mm x 45mm

Activity based reporting

*Movement-triggered transmission rates can be configured via Fleet Complete


  • Maximized Battery Life

    • Activity-based transmission modes mean that it only transmits when necessary

    • Less power draw equals more time in the field

  • Recharge; automatic or manual

    • Onboard charger enables the device to be charge whenever it has power

    • Device notifies charging and battery status via alerts

At1000 kit
AT1000 KIT

  • Includes:

    • Integrated GPS tracking device

    • 6-pin wiring harness

    • Mounting bracket

    • 4 zip ties to secure device to bracket

At1000 accessories

  • Cradle

    • Spare mounting cradle for AT1000

  • Magnetic Cradle

    • Attach the AT1000 to steel or iron surfaces via very strong permanent magnets

  • CLA Adapter

    • Powers the AT1000 via a standard 12V accessory port/cigarette lighter

At1000 asset tracker


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