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University of Oulu Graduate School UniOGS. Starting on 1.8.2011. Background. Previously, doctoral studies were frequently characterized as a hobby-like activity with Little guidance Little support

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University of oulu graduate school uniogs

University of Oulu Graduate SchoolUniOGS

Starting on 1.8.2011


  • Previously, doctoral studies were frequently characterized as a hobby-like activity with

    • Little guidance

    • Little support

  • Ministry of Education and Culture has established the following goals to met by Finnish universities:

    • Development of doctoral training

    • Shortening the training time required for a Doctoral degree

    • Increase the number of foreign doctoral students


  • The Board of Directors of the University of Oulu decided, in March 2010, to reform the doctoral training as a part of a new strategy of the University

  • 19.10.2010

    The Board of Directors decided that the University of Oulu will start a Graduate School, which will have the administrative responsibility for both doctoral degrees and for International Master’s Degree programmes.

Uniogs planning committee chair vice rector for research prof taina pihlajaniemi
UniOGS Planning CommitteeChair: Vice-Rector for Research, Prof. Taina Pihlajaniemi


Prof. Vanessa Andreotti

PhD student Andrew Conlin

Coordinator Sinikka Eskelinen

Prof. Harri Haapasalo

Prof. Markku Juntti

Prof. Sanna Järvelä

Prof. Sari Kunnari

Dr. Eva Maria Raudasoja

Prof. Arja Rautio

Dr Leila Risteli (until 28.2.2011)

Prof. Outi Savolainen

Prof. Veikko Seppänen

Prof. Olli Silvén

PhD. student Hannah Strauss

Prof. Kaisa Tasanen-Määttä

Prof. Jari Oksanen (from 25.3.2011)

Dr Elina Rossi (secretary)


  • The goal of the UniOGS is to educate doctors in four-year programs, so that graduates have both a professional and social proficiency to work at doctoral level tasks:

    • Good scientific capacity

    • Good ability to search for information

    • Good skills to work in groups

    • Capacity to act in an international environment

Create more uniform practices for doctoral training:

  • Application

  • Admission

  • Course work and other requirements

  • Thesis work supervision

  • Follow-up group

  • Thesis examination practices

  • Improving the planning and quality of doctoral training

  • Shorter time to obtain the degree

Faculties and doctoral training committees multidisciplinary
Faculties and Doctoral Training Committees: multidisciplinary

Health and Technology and Human Sciences

Biosciences Natural Sciences

Doctoral degree

Master’s degree


Tutkijakoulun rakenne
Tutkijakoulun rakenne multidisciplinary

  • Student

  • Commitment

  • Motivation

  • Interest in doingresearch

  • Reaching the milestones of Doctoral Training Plan

  • Supervisor

  • Guiding

  • Encouraging

  • Ensuringappropriatesupport for the planning and implementation of the research and studies




  • Composed of professorsand/or senior scientists

  • Annualevaluation and reporting

  • Ensuring the training process under the bestconditionspossible

Management Group and Dean

  • Management group is responsible for management and monitoring of doctoraleducation

    • Harmonizes the processes

    • Ensuring the right of students and supervisors

    • Compilation of the curriculum

  • Dean is responsible for establishing the criteria for selection of students, accepting new students, approving the curriculum and the criteria for accepting the doctoralthesis and grants the doctoraldegrees

  • Reports to ResearchCouncil

Doctoral Training Committee

  • Composed of professorsand other senior scientists of differentfields, and coordinators

  • Recommending the admission of students

  • Managing the processes of studentselection, admission and registration

  • Appointingsupervisors and members of follow-upgroup

  • The acceptance of the fullDoctoral Training Plan

Requirements for admission to the uniogs
Requirements for admission to the UniOGS multidisciplinary

  • Suitable Master of Science or Master of Arts degree, or their equivalent, granted by a recognized or accredited university

  • Or, for entry via the International Master’s Degree programmes, a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree, or their equivalent, granted by a recognized or accredited university

  • Thesis grade at least 3 / 5

  • Sufficient language skills

Application process for admission
Application process for admission multidisciplinary

  • The deadlines for submission are 30th October and 31th March, applications may be submitted also at any time

  • Electronic application including

  • Degree diploma and transcript of courses

  • Proof of languageskills

  • CurriculumVitae

  • Statement of researchinterest (applicantsentering the UniOGS with no pre-selectedSupervisor), orOutline of Doctoral Training Plan (applicantswhohavealreadytakencontact with theirSupervisor)

  • Explanation for choosingpart-time status, ifapplicable

  • Twoletters of recommendationfrompreviousteachersorsupervisors

  • A plan for financing the doctoralstudies

Admission of students
Admission of students multidisciplinary

The Doctoral Training Committees give a recommendation for admission to the Dean of the UniOGS:


Unconditional admission: four-year Study Rights period starting at the beginning of the next semester


Conditional admission: an initial Study Rights period of one year. For the Study Rights to be continued, the student must complete the required background studies for the doctoral work and a Supervisor must have been appointed.

Supervisor’s recommendation is a prerequisite for the continuation of the Study Rights to be granted.

Admission of students1
Admission of students multidisciplinary

  • The Dean of the UniOGS admits the students

  • All students will be registered in Oodi; this registration gives the official status and rights for the students

Degree requirements
Degree Requirements multidisciplinary

  • The aim is the completion of the doctoral degree in 4 years

    Full-time work

    Acquire professional and social proficiency to work at doctoral level tasks

  • Doctoral Training Plan

    • Study plan (60 ECTS in total)

    • Research plan for thesis (180 ECTS in total)

Doctoral training plan
Doctoral Training Plan multidisciplinary

  • Doctoral Training Plan will be made taking into account that the dissertation be completed in four years

  • Students make a plan with his/her supervisor

  • Doctoral Training Committee accept the plan

  • Follow-up Group monitors the implementation of the plan annually

  • The study and research plan can be redefined if necessary

Doctoral training plan1
Doctoral Training Plan multidisciplinary

  • Doctoral Training Plan is a tool for

    • Planning the research and studies

    • Task scheduling

    • Implementation of monitoring

    • Motivation

    • Financial planning

    • Determination of the critical milestones

      For research stages

      For publication process

      For dissertation process

Doctoral training plan2
Doctoral Training Plan multidisciplinary

Study plan
Study Plan multidisciplinary

  • Field-relatedstudies

    • At least 50% of the totalstudycredits

    • Courses fromotherdomesticor international universities and graduateschoolscanbeincluded

    • Acceptance of supervisor and DoctorartrainingCommittee

    • Creditsfrom international researchvisitscanbealsoincluded

  • Max 20 ECTS fromteaching

  • The tracking of allcourses is done via Oodi

Study plan1
Study Plan multidisciplinary

  • Transferableskillscourses

    • Obligatory Courses

      • UniOGS Induction Course

      • General researchethics

    • Recommendedstudies

      For example:

      • Writing and presentationskills, General researchmethods, Careerdevelopment, Information management, Teaching and Learning skills, Patentinformation, IPR in research

    • Max 20 % of the totalstudycredits

Research plan
Research Plan multidisciplinary

  • Draft at the beginning of the studies

  • A detailedplanmustbesubmittedprior to the firstmeeting with the Doctoral Training Follow-up Group (beginning of 2ndyear)

  • Canevolveduringresearch process

  • Facilitate the scheduling of research and monitoring the implementation

Dissertation multidisciplinary

  • Monograph, compilation-based thesis, a collection of essays

  • High-quality, discipline-specific thesis and Doctors

  • Research plan should be planned so that a doctoral degree is possible to be carried out within the target time of 4 years

Summary: multidisciplinary