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The Iliad and Star Wars PowerPoint Presentation
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The Iliad and Star Wars

The Iliad and Star Wars

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The Iliad and Star Wars

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  1. The Iliad and Star Wars Alex Meisner

  2. Similarities • Both stories have and anti-hero as the main character. (Achilles in The Iliad and Anakin in Star Wars) • A large portion of these characters’ negativity is their anger • The Iliad and Star Wars each contain an aura or sense of virtue and glory that affect the course of action throughout the storyline

  3. Similarity Number OneAnakin Skywalker vs. Achilles Totally anti heroes • Anakin Skywalker and Achilles are the main characters of the two stories and are known as anti-heroes

  4. The Anti-Hero • An anti-hero is a protagonist whose character and goals are antithetical to classical heroism. • A few other examples of stories that include anti-heroes are; Oedipus Rex, Alex from A Clockwork Orange, and Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs

  5. Anakin SkywalkerInvincible Warrior • Over the course of the war Anakin rises through the ranks and is recognized as the “Hero with No Fear” • After turning to the Dark Side of the Force Anakin becomes a renowned killer and tyrant

  6. Achilles • During the battle, Achilles is at a full sprint to meet Hector and at the sight of this the prince flees • Achilles is thought to have killed thousands of enemy soldiers • Achilles often carries himself as a god

  7. Anakin and Achilles:The best fighters on the block • Anakin and Achilles are the best and most talented warriors in their respective armies • Both are feared by their enemies, and hailed by their fans, friends, and allies • Although they enjoy much fame, their uncontrollable anger eventually puts these great warriors’ gifts to waste

  8. Both Characters Fuel their Fighting with Anger • The beginning of the Iliad suggests “Rage! Goddess, sing the rage of Peleus’s son Achilles” • Both characters are often found bickering or fighting with their superiors • Achilles and Agamemnon almost come to blows during one of their quarrels

  9. Arête and The Force • Both are feelings of honor that are mostly withheld by noble men • Achilles shows Arête when he willingly accepts his death so he can have revenge on Hector of Troy • Anakin uses the dark side of the force to become and even better warrior

  10. S T AR WARS H E I L I A D