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Facts About Hinduism Culture. Objective. This slideshow is about the culture of the Hindus. I hope this slideshow will teach you much more about the Hinduism Culture.

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This slideshow is about the culture of the Hindus.

I hope this slideshow will teach you much more about the Hinduism Culture.

You will learn about many different exiting facts about the cultures and religions.

Hinduism society
Hinduism Society

In Hinduism society, people are ranked.

They are ranked from the family they were born from.

The laws and works of the hindu
The Laws and Works of the Hindu

For Hindu people, dharma was laws and works.

It was included by hundreds of rules and instructions to follow.

Hinduism beliefs
Hinduism Beliefs

Hindus believe that bad deeds always happen.

A Hindu's bad deed in a lifetime must be paid for in a person’s next lifetime.

Hinduism religion
Hinduism Religion

Hinduism is a term that states their religions.

Philosophical and its cultures are included.

Hinduism culture
Hinduism Culture

It is contemporary it is now divided into four religions.

Vaishism, Shaivism, Shaktism, and Smartism.

Hinduism civilization
Hinduism Civilization

Hinduism is rooted by the ancient civilization be siding in the Indus River Valley in the 3rd millennium.

They started to notice and started to move there in the B.C times.


Hindus follow the dharma.

So they know what is right.

Fun facts
Fun Facts

Hindu is a native to the subcontinent of India.

The Hindus are the 3rd most largest religion in the world.

Hinduism faith
Hinduism Faith

Hinduism is mostly called the “polytheistic faith.”

They have to follow rules for their lives' faith.


caste system- A caste system is a chart and rank of what family you were born in.

reincarnation- A Hindu belief that people move in a constant cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Dharma- In Hinduism, the laws and duties that guide the behavior of each caste member.


So as one can see, the slideshow showed the different beliefs, religions, and cultures.

The Hinduism Culture can be really interesting and exiting.

This unit of social studies was really fun for us and we thank you.




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The end
The End

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