World war 2
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The gates of Auschwitz… Reads “Work will set you free”. World War 2. How did aggressive world powers emerge, and what did it take to defeat them in World War 2?. Totalitarianism. Germany: Hitler and the National socialist Regime (NAZI) Italy: Mussolini, fascist leader

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World war 2

The gates of Auschwitz…

Reads “Work will set you free”

World War 2

How did aggressive world powers emerge, and what did it take to defeat them in World War 2?


  • Germany: Hitler and the National socialist Regime (NAZI)

  • Italy: Mussolini, fascist leader

  • Spain: Francisco Franco, led

    revolt, backed by Hitler

  • Japan: Hideki, overran Eastern

    China and Manchuria

Picasso s guernica
Picasso’s Guernica!

Response to the Spanish Civil War and Germany’s bombing of the city of Guernica.

Causes of ww2
Causes of WW2

  • Appeasement – giving in to the demands of an


  • Unchecked aggression – when Japan, Italy and Germany moved in on, or annexed their neighbors the aggression was “tolerated” or barely sanctioned by the Allies.


  • Neutrality-trying to not pick sides

  • Pacifism-opposition to all war

The holocaust

  • The resettlement, imprisonment and eventual killing of 11-12 million men, women and children including:

  • 6 million Jews

  • 2 million Soviet prisoners of war

  • Disabled , elderly and enemies of Nazi party

  • Homosexuals

  • Jehovah’s Witness

  • Gypsies

The axis advance
The Axis Advance

  • Nazi’s invade Poland 1939..Britain and France

    Declare war on Germany

  • Nazi-Soviet Pact insures Germany a chance to further invade Europe

  • THE BLITZ!! 57 day bombing of England…Churchill rallies the people to stand up to tyranny, Germany’s Operation Sea Lion fails!

  • Germany invades Soviet Union

The u s enters the war
The U.S. enters the war

  • December 7, 1941, Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

  • Dec 8, 1941 President Roosevelt announces the U.S. declaration of war.

Battle of midway
Battle of Midway

June 1942 U.S. Navy destroyed 4 Japanese aircraft carriers, putting the

Japanese on the defensive.

D day june 6 1944
D-Day June 6 1944

  • The Plan was to drop paratroopers inland, bomb the turrets on the beach head at Normandy via air strikes, soften the coast by bombing it from battleships and then land 130,000 Canadian, British and American troops.

  • The weather was overcast and many of the targets were missed; however, the Allies took the beaches of Normandy by nightfall.

See webcodemzp 2932

The battle of the bulge
The Battle of the Bulge

  • December 1944-January 1945, Belgium…Hitler’s last push to fight Allied forces.

  • Massive losses on both sides eventually result in an Allied victory and marks the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany

  • Hitler would eventually

    commit suicide and Germany

    Would surrender

The manhattan project
The Manhattan Project

  • Code name for the project to build an Atomic Weapon

  • First tested in July 1945 in New Mexico

  • FDR died April 12, 1945

  • The New President, Harry S. Truman decides to use the weapon to force the surrender of Japan.

  • August 1945…a warning is issued to Japan and responded to with defiance…

The japanese defeat
The Japanese Defeat

The Atomic bombing of Hiroshima (left) and Nagasaki (right)