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About us

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About us
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  1. Aboutus Republic Financial Group of Companies is a Financial Services holding company, and through its subsidiaries, offers banking and investment products along with a diverse line of financial services. Our financial services are primarily tailored to address the segment of the market that is traditionally not bankable, or under-banked.  Republic Capital Management, S.A., a subsidiary of Republic Financial Group, is a principal shareholder and the exclusive Broker / Dealer for Inversiones, Prestamos y Descuentos, S.A., "INPREDESA", a 35 year old Dominican Republic Financial Institution that offers Deposit Accounts, Savings and Investment Products, Merchant Accounts, Real Estate Loans, MasterCard products, and soon will be offering Securities Trading and many other banking services.

  2. Objectives 2010-2011 • New TechnologyPlatform • Integration • Merchant Accounts(Low & HighRisk)

  3. Business Divisions ConsumerBanking Electronic Banking Comercial Banking Currencies

  4. Technology Platform

  5. \ Our Merchant Account

  6. Merchant Accounts \ • Whether it’s a start up business or a merchant business in operations with low or high risk products or services, merchants can earn huge revenues and expand their business world wide by accepting credit/debit cards, processing payments online in real-time and gaining knowledge about risk management techniques from our merchant account services experts.Our primary strengths are low risk and high risk merchant accounts with payment and non-payments histories.

  7. We Can Process Credit Card . Debit Card . Other Processing Options

  8. Merchant AccountsFeatures • Merchant Accounts – for all kinds of retail and big business • High Risk Merchant Accounts – all kinds of high risk • businesses, whether its casino/gaming, adult, pharmacy or travel • agency, etc. • Credit and Debit Card Processing – accept all kinds of major • credit/debit cards • Bank wire transfers – increase your transaction volume with • ACH (US) and Direct Debit (Europe) • Fraud Protection – merchant accounts with the best protection • against online fraud, theft and all kinds of credit card scams • 24/7 Customer Support – we offer merchant accounts with 24/7 • customer support • Secure Payment Gateway – our payment gateway is connected • to multiple acquiring banks and our merchants therefore do not • need to perform multiple gateway integrations as they apply for • additional merchant account

  9. Additional Features • E-Commerce Online Shopping Cart - Supports unlimited products and categories. • Real time credit card processing (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB). • Streamlined user friendly checkout. • UPS and USPS real time shipping calculator. • Real time tax calculation, with exact tax computed down to the City and • County level. • Support for separate billing and shipping addresses. • Multiple order statuses to manage your orders (processing, awaiting • payment, awaiting stock, packing, dispatched and cancelled). • Fully integrated order management system and reporting (search for orders • by status, order number or customer). • Automated email order confirmations (to your customer) and new order • email notifications (toyou). • Automated email to you customer when the status of their order is changed • Printable invoice report can be used as a packing slip • International shipping and foreign credit cards supported.

  10. Additional Features • ACH / E-CHECK is a great option for a wide variety of merchants. The benefits include lower fees than credit cards and an opportunity to reach more customers. ACH Processing enables you to accept a customer’s checking information by web or phone and set up recurring payments. • GIFT CARDS small merchants can drive traffic to their businesses, increase sales, build brand awareness and improve customer satisfaction. Gift Cards are attractive to both consumers and merchants for different reasons. Consumers consistently rate gift cards very highly in terms of satisfaction. Merchants find that the solution's versatility, ease of use and the results derived are well worth the investment. • Merchant Cash Advance Program - We Provide Working Capital CASH, by using the "real-time assets", the customers of the merchant to provide funding.A business owner can qualify for a Business Cash Advance of up to $300,000.This is not a small business loan; a Business Cash Advance has no upfront fees, no closing costs and no loss of equity.Businesses can use the funds for:Advertising, Inventory, Expansion, Renovations, Equipment, Taxes,Working Capital and Emergencies.

  11. Additional Features MOBILE/WIRELESS It's the most rapidly-growing credit card processing solution. Merchant accounts with wireless processing can help your business grow by allowing you to accept credit cards while on the road. Our compatible merchant accounts are the perfect solution for merchants and businesses selling where there's no electricity or phone line! This is the perfect choice for Contractors, Plumbers, HVAC, Tradeshows, Flea Markets, Limousine, Repairmen, Delivery Services, even Golf Courses. Discover how easy and profitable it is to accept credit cards using a wireless terminal!

  12. How do I get started? • Merchant Documentation Requirements: • Merchant Application fee of $350.00 (reimburse completely if • not approved) • Signed Merchant Application and Agreement including Signed • Resolution and Signed Personal Guaranty by principals. • Photos of location or brochures, business cards or other • identifying business information on the Merchant. For an • Internet Business, a printout of the Merchant’s web page. • Copy of Voided Check • All Web Site URLs, Passwords and Domain Names • Financial statements for Merchants processing over $50,000 in • monthly Merchant sales volume • 3 months of merchant statements from previous processing • 3 months of personal bank statements (only apply if don’t have merchant • history payment. • Photocopy of driver’s license • Additional setup form (Gift/Loyalty Card, American Express)

  13. Summary • Consumer acceptance is at all time high • High risk merchant accounts are increasingly popular and • exceeded last year • Implementation is simple • Merchant realizes immediate profits • Its a fast and efficient Process, with proven technology • It has the right mix of benefits to you and your customers • Reduces customers expenses • Provides 24/7/365 Services • Rapid and instant access to the fund

  14. Contact Information REPUBLIC FINANCIAL GROUP OF COMPANIES 701 Brickell Ave., Suite 1550 Miami, Florida 33131 305-728-5152