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Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt PowerPoint Presentation
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Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

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Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

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  1. Why Egypt chose Nasser (the revolutionary party) over the communists and the muslim brotherhood and what did many have against the Muslim Brotherhood? By Sammie Coffler, Ellie Blattie, Natalie Dusek, Lynzi Svoboda, Will Belzer, Zukeyna Warsame, Deven Harlan

  2. Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt -Traditional Islamic political organization founded in 1928 -Believe in democracy, freedom of assembly, press, and reform -Supported Egyptian revolution of 1952 -Accused of taking part in the Cairo fire that destroyed 750 buildings -Approximately 100,000-600,000 supporters

  3. Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Supporter Levels muhib-(lover/follower) 6 months-4 years. improves morals ursa- 5/4 muhib and one naquib (captain) muayyad- (supporter) confirmation, prayer 1-3 years. preaching, recruiting, teaching muntasib-(organizer) 2 years memorization of Quran naquib ach’amal-(working brother) subject loyalty

  4. Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Offices Murshid-(Supreme Guide) Head of brotherhood Maktab al-Irshad-(Guidance Office) 15 longtime Muslim Brothers Majlis al-Shura-(Consultative Council) 100 muslim brothers elects Maktab al-Irshad

  5. Communists in Egypt The Egyptian Communist Organization- a political organization in Egypt -had several hundreds of members -didn’t get along with other communist groups -Cairo-based leaders were Sidney Solomon, Odette Solomon, Aslan and Miray Cohen, and Mohamed Sid-Ahmed -also known as MISHMISH -the entire group was arrested in 1950, in 1954 the group dissolved after the Solomon couple left

  6. Revolutionary Party (Nasser) Natalie • Nasser challenged Western dominance in the East • Nasser told the Egyptian government that the British rule should be decreased • Nasser organized a revolt against the British royal family • Figurehead for revolution was General Neguib • Nasser turned to the USSR • Made laws to make the country’s money go to the people • Rejected Imperialism • Nasser called the movement “Arab Socialism” • Sent a document called the “National Charter” to the congress. It said what he thought the society should be like • Nasser wanted to end imperialism, create social justice, create a democratic system, create an army, and unify Arab countries

  7. Why did Egyptians choose Nasser over the others? • Public Figure for ‘ordinary Egyptians’ • Was a good orator • Most of General public followed him • Gave Egypt a sense of hope and purpose in the world • Unifying Egypt • Promised a modern future • New Head of States around Egypt sought his alliance to gain popularity in their own country • Was an iconic figure for other countries besides Egypt

  8. What did people have against the Muslim Brotherhood?(Zukeyna) • Most of the characters were part of the WAFD party which is a liberal political party that accepted different religious group and the Muslim Brotherhood was strictly only for muslims.

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