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DAKCS S coring Plus. Partnering with: Experian “Collection Advantage” TransUnion “CPS”. Scoring Plus. Allows you to immediately focus resources and activity toward your objective. Scoring Plus. Two Major Objectives. Scoring Plus. First and Foremost Identify Debtors That :

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dakcs s coring plus

DAKCS Scoring Plus

Partnering with:

Experian “Collection Advantage”

TransUnion “CPS”

scoring plus
Scoring Plus

Allows you to immediately focus

resources and activity toward your


scoring plus1
Scoring Plus

Two Major


scoring plus2
Scoring Plus

First and Foremost

Identify Debtors That :

(A) Have the ability to pay

(B) Will pay

(C) Legally forced, will pay

scoring plus3
Scoring Plus


Quickly Identify Debtors that :

(A) Do not have the ability to pay

(B) Will not pay

(C) Legally cannot be forced to pay

scoring plus4
Scoring Plus

Requests for Scoring are made in “Batch


Requests can be made via:

Collector-The Manager-Query-Intercept

Files will be transmitted by you each day

from your location by secured VPN,

through DAKCS, to the vendor of your


scoring plus5
Scoring Plus

Vendor will process all requests and return them

to DAKCS through the secured VPN.

DAKCS will transmit the processed report and

score, and notify you by e-mail that the file has

been returned.

At your convenience, click a button to download

the file, attaching the report and score to the

debtor’s master account .

scoring plus6
Scoring Plus

Scoring Table 1

scoring plus7
Scoring Plus

Scoring Table 2

scoring plus8
Scoring Plus

Scoring Table 3

scoring plus9
Scoring Plus

Scoring Table 4

scoring plus10
Scoring Plus

Scoring Menu with all Tables

scoring statistics
Scoring Statistics

Credit Bureau Systems

Mark Edwards

Vendor used: TransUnion “CPS”

Date started using Scoring in the

collection processing: 5/14/03

Used accounts referred as of: 1/01/03

# of accounts scored: 11,968

scoring plus11
Scoring Plus

Knowing how to collect is Important!

Making Debtors with assets available

to Collectors who know how

to collect is Crucial!!

scoring plus12
Scoring Plus

Experian “Collection Advantage”


The totals in “green” include a delivery fee of 0.12

scoring plus13
Scoring Plus

TransUnion “CPS”

scoring plus14
Scoring Plus

We sincerely thank Mark Edwards,

the President and CEO of

Credit Bureau Systems

and his staff for the

statistical information on “Scoring”

and how it is related to the

Collection process.