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Agent Perspective. Ins and Outs of ERM. "Good ideas come when people with different perspectives work together on the same problem." Mary Ellen Heyde, Ford Motor Co. That is a lot of data…. 250,000+ titles. Publisher. Library. Subscription Agent. 65,000. 60,000. Publisher. Library.

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agent perspective

Agent Perspective

Ins and Outs of ERM

"Good ideas come when people with different perspectives work together on the same problem."

Mary Ellen Heyde, Ford Motor Co.

that is a lot of data
That is a lot of data…









Electronic Subscription Management



1 million+


what s my job
What’s my job?

A systems analyst studies the problems and

needs of an organization to determine how people, data, processes, communications, and information technology can best accomplish improvements for the business.

  • The efficient capture of data from our partners,
  • The flow of that data to our systems
  • The processing and storage of that data, and
  • The return of meaningful information to our partners

Electronic Subscription Management

development and implementation
Development and Implementation
  • Industry Developments
    • Standards groups (Send In Some Alternative Chump)
    • Library System vendors
    • Publishers
  • EDI Development
    • Work with programmers
      • Continuous process improvement
      • Business process redesign
    • Mapping between in-house and external formats
  • Implementation
    • Instructions for staff and partners
    • Testing
    • Production
  • Maintenance & Support

Electronic Subscription Management

a few numbers for 2007
A few numbers for 2007…
  • 17,000+ machine readable invoice files sent to customers.
  • 7,000 EDI claim files received from customers’ library systems.
  • 56,000+ ICEDIS orders sent to publishers
  • 150,000+ publisher price records loaded.

Electronic Subscription Management

what are the challenges
What are the challenges?
  • Too many proprietary formats!
  • Standards allow us to develop once and use for many.
  • Match points, time to update and not always reliable.
  • Chicken and Egg, which comes first the development or the business case.
  • Automation may not be possible with smaller partners. Interactive forms.

Electronic Subscription Management

some goals
Some goals…
  • Hide the complexity.
  • Increase EDI with publishers:
    • Standardize e-access registration with publishers.
    • Promote ONIX SPS (Serial Product and Subscription) format for price catalog upload.
    • Promote ONIX SRN (Serial Release Notification) format for receiving despatch advice from publishers.
    • Continue capturing license data that will allow libraries to compare generic terms against their models and policies. (ONIX for License Terms – Publisher Licenses)
    • Increase EDI invoicing with publishers. (Define industry standard - possibly EDItX XML.)
    • EDI claims and answers with publishers.

Electronic Subscription Management

what about integration with the erm
What about integration with the ERM…
  • The focus on publisher integration allows agents to provide a more complete and accurate data source for integration with your ERM.
  • ONIX formats are cross-industry standards.
  • SUSHI provides a standards model (small and simple) that can be used for more than exchange of usage statistics.
  • If you plan to record financial information and you have a stand-alone ERM or an ERM with an Acquisitions-type module we can send invoices according to any standard.
  • We hope to receive e-access claims from the ERM as well.
  • Send confirmations of e-access registration.
  • Receive IP changes.
  • We will track which publishers and libraries agree to SERU.

Electronic Subscription Management

what process do we want to improve
What Process Do We Want To Improve?
  • Does our system have the capability to send and receive these documents electronically?Add it to the development list.(Submit an enhancement request.)
  • Does our trading partner have the capability to send and receive these documents electronically?Encourage them to add it.(Make it a requirement.)

Electronic Subscription Management

If it seems like there should be a better way than there probably is…


Agent Staff

Agent System



Online Administration


Online Content

Other Products

and Services













Other Products

and Services



Electronic Subscription Management

Fed. Search

Link Resolution

A to Z



Librarian / Administrator

End Users / Patrons

e procurement workflow
E-Procurement Workflow

Electronic Subscription Management