posture correction do you sit in a correct n.
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Effective Tips by Chiropractor for Back pain PowerPoint Presentation
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Effective Tips by Chiropractor for Back pain

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Effective Tips by Chiropractor for Back pain - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Many people are sitting wrong position while they are driving and feel pain in back, neck and spine. Here are some effective tips are mentioned by chiropractor for back pain. Read More:

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Effective Tips by Chiropractor for Back pain

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    1. Posture correction Do you sit in a correct position while driving your car????? You might get surprised to know that you are far more likely to elicit a back pain or neck pain or spine problem and have an accident. Guys believe me !!!!!! There will be three times more strain On lower back whilst you r seated than while you are lying flat. If you bend forward that you do whilst driving, of us do like that but Have you ever thought this is one of the bad posture to have an impact on your spine and most important “posture" •Neck pain due to forward neck bending •Back pain due to poor sitting posture •Knee pain due to incorrect positioning of foot to pedal or unable to reach the pedal •Wrist pain due to tight gripping of steering wheel

    2. Let us move to the ? that help you in posture correction when you drive •We need to prevent strain on back include muscles ,deep tissues ,ligaments and joints •CORRECT POSITION –your seat should be in correct position so that you can reach and hold the steering wheel easily which is strain no strain at Shoulder,arms,forearm,wrist,hand.Hold the steering lightly so that it will reduce tension on your Shoulder and Neckmuscles

    3. (trapezius,sternocledomastoid,levetor scapulae,etc) •SLOUCHING -Avoid SLOUCHING!!! Get a reminder for yourself or in your mind remind yourself on and on constantly that you should sit upright and straight Secondly, if you can’t do that then other alternative is to make a towel roll and put

    4. behind your lower back,so that it forces you to sit upright and straight. When you are waiting at signal or stuck with the traffic ,grab that oppertunity to stretch your neck muscles from side to side or rotation.

    5. •MIRROR ADJUSTMENT – Mirror adjustment is necessary so that you can look without having to move your neck forward or to bend your neck anyhow. •Rear view should be in a center with back window fully visible •Side mirror should be tilted out until you can’t see your own vehicle without leaving your head and neck.

    6. •Lastly, make sure you reach the foot pedals more easily.