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5 Vastu Tips for the Sweet Home PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Vastu Tips for the Sweet Home

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5 Vastu Tips for the Sweet Home
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5 Vastu Tips for the Sweet Home

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  1. 5 Vastu Tips for the Sweet Home Vastu-ds.com

  2. Vastu Guidelines for the Sweet Home  Rightly said, home is where heart is and this mandates for the person to have a home designed with the touch of Vastu Shastra. As told by the experts, every corner of the house has its own value and exhibit a certain kind of vibes.  Indeed, Vastu Shastra is the art of decorating home with the promotion of healing touch may take out the negative vibes from the home and fill it with the positive atmosphere. Presently, the growing popularity lies in the fact that people are staunch believers of having luck and prosperity in their lives. This is the reason the Vastu Shastra has been in demand since in came in the market.

  3. Main Entrance  As advised, the person should always buy a home or apartment with the main door facing towards North, East or North East.  In an adverse case, if the door is in Southern or Western end; then, there is a need to place a 2x2 feet of a mirror in front of the door that makes them stand opposite to each other. This means the negativity will find its reflection in the mirror and return back.

  4. Lift and Staircase System Having staircases in the western or southern end of the main building is highly auspicious. On the other end, staircases created on the north or east side of the house is highly bad, which should be changed if possible. Along with this, as per the vastu services in bangalore , the lifts and staircase should be kept together for prosperity.

  5. Vastu Guidelines for the Sweet Home Placement of Photographs: Being an important factor responsible for generating positive and negative vibes strongly, the images r photographs should be hung on the right wall and in the right side to avoid negativity. In this factor, keeping the photo of the Gods in east or west wall is superb. One should keep in mind that the photo should be east facing. On the other end, the photos of the deceased people should never be kept in the prayer room. Windows: In going with the Vastu Shastra techniques, it is essential to keep the windows of North, East and northeast to be completely open with light shaded curtains. On the other end, the windows present in the wrong side should always have lighter shaded curtains to reduce the negativity.

  6. Dark Empty Corners Such corners in the home tend to be extremely troublesome. This necessitates for the placement of holy ganga water in the dark empty corners. The water is needed to be changed every week. As per the Vastu for Relationship, this technique removes the effect of negative energy and channelizes the flow of positive energy. The art of Vastu Shastra is meant to provide healing touch to the home interiors. It not only improves the look of the house; but, also enhances the presence of positive energy that helps in maintaining efficient relationships at home. Moreover, increasing trend to follow Vastu Shastra has made people feel the difference. Read More about Vastu consultant in Bangalore : http://www.vastu-ds.com

  7. Enquire With Us for Vastu Guidelines Vastu - DS Sir No. 124 ,4th main 10th Cross, N R Colony, Basavangudi, Bangalore , Karnataka 560019 Mail Id : chinnojeerao@gmail.com Website : http://www.vastu-ds.com