the advancement of the construction company
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The Advancement of Commercial Construction Company

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The Advancement of Commercial Construction Company - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aakash group is a leading commercial construction company that specializes in the designing, development and building of restaurant, retail outlets, shopping centers, hospitality, office and industrial projects across the country. In this presentation you\'ll know how construction contributes greatly to the growth of the economy.

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the advancement of the construction company

The Advancement of the Construction Company

When people generally hear about a construction company  the most common ways to identify it is through bricks, mortar and cement. Little do we know how extensive the industry is and how we, at times take it for granted. Most of us aren’t aware of the importance and the functions of such an industry. The construction company is one of the most cannonading industries playing a major role in the economy of the nation and global markets. Constructions include the building of a dam, monument structures, highways and roads, real estate and much more. Construction is an important sector that contributes greatly to the growth of the economy, strengthening the way people view the city or the nation it is part of, and provides the required infrastructure for health, education, business and transport sector as well.

Commercial Construction

changes in the construction industry
Changes in the Construction Industry

Although it might not be noticed by the public eye but the construction industry has changed drastically with the development of technology and Internet. With the evolution of tools, machines and techniques the industry has adapted to the various changes in the market for a better result in safety, accuracy, durability and strength. With various features like:

Commercial Construction

Digital Records and Plans – With digital technologies of 3-D and 4-D watching your blueprints is now a matter of ease, Technologies like the Business Information Modeling which allows the architect, contract designer, contractor, structural engineer and the owner to work collaboratively from the initial stages till the last is one of the most popular in today’s industry.

Commercial Construction

Construction Management Software – With the launching of a multi-faceted software, one finds it very useful for the planning, implementation, monitoring and controlling of the construction projects.

Commercial Construction

Therefore, one can safely conclude the construction industry has changed greatly over the last years coping with the new technologies and ideas that are new in the market. Health and safety standards have been raised and the quality increased which are a very crucial and much needed.

Commercial Construction

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