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Everything know Hearing Loss in Adults? PowerPoint Presentation
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Everything know Hearing Loss in Adults?

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Everything know Hearing Loss in Adults? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hearing loss is a common problem in elder people. But, as the population of adult rises, so does the problem of hearing loss. Our Adult programs & services in hearing loss aim to solve the problem. Hearing loss in adults. Here are some symptoms of hearing loss: You frequently have to ask people to repeat themselves...

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Everything know Hearing Loss in Adults?

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hearing loss in adults

Hearing Loss in


A guide by. Hearing solutions

what is hearing loss in adults hearing loss

What is Hearing loss in


Hearing loss is a decrease in the ability

to perceive sounds.

It can be partial or total, sudden or

gradual, temporary or permanent.

It can affect one ear or both.

In general the risk of hearing loss

increases with age.

types of hearing loss 1

Types Of Hearing Loss

● Conductive Hearing Loss : Sound is not

conducted efficiently through the outer ear canal to the

eardrum and the tiny bones (ossicles) of middle ear.

● Sensorineural Hearing Loss : A sensorineural

hearing loss happens when there is damage in your inner


● Mixed Hearing Loss : A mixed hearing loss is a

problem in your outer or middle ear and in your inner ear.

causes of hearing loss

Causes Of Hearing loss


Ear infection

Loud noise exposure

Certain medicines

Ear and head injury

Born with an ear problem

Family members with hearing loss

signs of hearing loss

Signs of Hearing Loss

Sounds are muffled.

High pitched sounds are hard to hear.

background noise.

Words are difficult to understand when there is


You ask others to repeat, or speak more slowly, clearly or

preventing hearing loss

Preventing Hearing Loss

Protect your ears from loud noises.

Have your hearing tested.


Avoid loud noises such as music, motorcycles or

• Wear earplugs when working with machines or around

loud noises.