Compare contrast essay block method
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Compare & Contrast Essay Block Method. Holt Anthology Essay Prompt •

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Compare contrast prompt

Holt Anthology Essay Prompt •

You have been asked to write a compare & contrast essay in the this class. The greatest emphasis will be on revision/editing, so the most points will be given to the revision steps for your grade on the essays. You will find the prompt below.

Now that you have read “Thank You, M’am,” and “Marigolds,” you can compare and contrast what is going on in the lives of the teenagers, Roger and Lizabeth, and how they change. When you write a comparison-contrast essay, you look for similarities and differences between the two stories. You will use the Block Method described in the PPT for your outline.

Compare & Contrast Prompt

Compare contrast essay

The Block Method

  • Write a generic introduction explaining

  • Discuss the stories one at a time [introduction].

  • First we write about the elements we find most important to our thesis in the order given [body].

  • Then we discuss the other story following the same order as the first story [second introduction and body].

  • Finally we come to the ending paragraph and the re-write of our beginning thesis statement in different words [conclusion].

Compare & Contrast Essay

A Writer’s Framework [Three-Part Structure]

  • Introduction

  • Create an opening; who are you writing to?

  • Grabyour readers’ interestwith an attention getter. 

  • Tell the reader the titles, etc. of works being compared(authors, background information on authors etc.)  

  • End withyourthesisstatement that tells how the stories are the same or different. This statement is your opinion on the stories.

  • Body

  • Provideat least tworeasons based on your Block Outlinethat support your opinion statement. 

  • Give at least two pieces of evidence(four pieces of evidence total) to support each reason. 

  • Organizethe reasonslogically following the element lists from your outline.

  • Conclusion

  • Sum up your major points in one or two sentences.

  • End with a new but related thought.

Instructions for Brainstorm/Outline

  • Brainstorm Ideas for your thesis statement with a partner.

  • Be ready to share one of your Elements with the class.

  • Continue filling out the outline as much as possible.

  • Finish the outline.

  • Use an Element of one story that appeals to you the most,( as a good basis for proof of your thesis statement) then write your sentence grabber on your outline form (backside of prompt handout).

  • Handwrite a rough draft . After writing the rough draft you can peer edit and polish it then save to H Drive and then Google Apps.

  • Next Step: Edit and Revision Checklist