genital piercings key considerations n.
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Genital Piercings – Key Considerations PowerPoint Presentation
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Genital Piercings – Key Considerations

Genital Piercings – Key Considerations

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Genital Piercings – Key Considerations

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  1. Genital Piercings – Key Considerations

  2. Piercing is the new trend that is catching good attention among the teens, youth and adults. Genital piercing is one brand of piercing that is heating up like a fire. There are different people having different notion about piercing and accordingly, they choose different parts for getting pierced.

  3. Genital like other piercings is a form of body adornment either done to lure a partner or flash style to spouse normally. Normally genital piercing supplies are easily available with all the major jewelry retailers in the USA. The piercer uses a needle to make a hole and then the jewelry is fixed to the body using thread that passed through the hole.

  4. Some of the health professionals feel that the practice is risky and should be done under proper supervision. A normal genital piercing is done should be done by a licensed professional piercer. In some countries a license is not mandate though, but it is vital that if the piercer has no license, he is properly trained. There is an association called Association of Professional Piercers that makes safety rules for piercing. For a genital type, the piercer will clean the skin and mark the exact spot where the piercing is to be performed. Then, as mentioned before he will pass the thread through needle and also guide the person about how to take proper care of such work afterwards. • There are certain key considerations to follow for such type of piercing

  5. Choose A Piercer Wisely

  6. It’s not a cake work. Make sure you do not just go to some of your friend who has some knowledge about piercing. Go to a professional registered with APP so that he follows basic safety norms for genital piercing. Because of the sensitivity in the area, there are higher chances that you are susceptible to infection and skin allergy if the job is not performed in a right way.

  7. Room should be clean

  8. The room where such a job is performed should be clean and sanitary. Make sure you double check that there is good sterilization done before the needle is injected through. A fresh needle is always better. The old materials should have been disposed properly. The piercing supplies should be opened only at the time of piercing to avoid any unhygienic factor.

  9. Washing

  10. Washing is very important as if the piercer will not wash hands properly and pierce, there are chances you acquire a skin disease. It’s better if they wear gloves while performing the job. The same procedure should be ideally followed even for opening the supplies and packages. If the piercing gun is being used, the same should be used in a way that it is cleaned properly if not washed. Oxidants like spirit can be used for disinfecting the gun.

  11. It’s good to be trendy and genitals are body’s important part so at the same time it demands proper care and right piercing as well as piercer. You can select from a wide-range of available piercing supplies and go ahead and relish piercing!

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