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Zyme is the #1 cloud-based | CDM solutions Providers

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Zyme is the #1 cloud-based | CDM solutions Providers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leading manufacturers often financially reward the performance of their channel partners with rebates and incentive payouts. However, without decision grade channel data, the process of identifying, calculating, validating and executing incentive payouts are riddled with issues. See more at

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Data Sheet



Leading manufacturers o?en financially reward the performance of

their channel partners with rebates and incentive payouts. However,

without decision grade channel data, the process of identifying,

calculating, validating and executing incentive payouts are riddled with

issues. Manufacturers o?en end up overpaying incentives by 15% or more.

The problems are further compounded when the lack of visibility into

trustworthy data leads to incorrect payments to channel partners, long

lead times for partner payment cycles - sometimes running into months,

and difficulty in resolving disputes regarding incentives payout. The end

result is a combination of financial loss for the manufacturers and

dissatisfied channel partners.

Zyme is the #1 cloud-based, Channel Data Management solutions

provider with unparalleled capabilities to collect, curate, and

enrich transactional data into decision grade data. Powered

by multiple proprietary engines and global directories, Zyme’s CDM

solution provides end-to-end visibility across the entire channel value







Cloud applications



Global Location


Global Product


On-premise applications

Zyme Feed






Global Channel


Global Retailer


cloud platform 3.0

Managed Services


Product programs - Calculate rebates based on sale of specific SKUs

or product families.

Built on such a robust CDM platform is zymeIncentives , a turn-key,

automated incentives management solution that leverages Zyme’s

proprietary TruePay engine to define, track, calculate, and manage

partner payouts with payment grade accuracy. zymeIncentives ,

powered by Zyme's robust TruePay engine, provides users with the

following capabilities:

Tier programs - Calculate fixed or variable rebates based on partner’s sales



Deal registration - Compensate partners for closing a deal, identified by

a unique ID such as the deal registration number.

Special pricing - Credit partners for fulfilling a special-price deal, identified

by the SPA number or offer code. This also enables ship and debit programs

for semi conductor companies.

Define complex programs - Users can define complex programs with

specific goals, eligibility criteria, and payout rules. The programs

supported by zymeIncentives include:



Data Sheet


Calculate partner payout - Users can calculate partner payouts

based on partner-reported sales and inventory positions - at the

program, partner and transaction level. Moreover, users can

compare partner claims against calculated rebates, and highlight

any discrepancies.

Execute Payment - Users can easily generate ‘OK to Pay’ file for

validated and approved payouts, and feed it into downstream

3rd party payment service providers.



Custom User Views - Users can configure custom and intuitive

views for internal teams such as sales, marketing, finance, and

external partners.


Manage workflows - Users can setup and maintain workflows

to approve payments and claims.


Reporting and Analytics - Users have the ability to generate

advanced reports, partner benefits statements, and incisive



Manage Claims - Users can validate partner claims against

calculated partner payouts, review and approve partner claims,

and resolve disputes with partners in case the approved payout

is different from the claimed amount.


Solution Administration - Easily administer the solution, including

user onboarding, profile management, access control and view



With an ecosystem of Zyme Connect Partners that complement the capabilities offered by

zymeIncentives, Zyme helps customers manage MDF and rewards/loyalty programs as well.

The Zyme Difference

Global directory of 1.5 million unique

channel partners

Program Definition and Management

Transactional Data

Collects data from 150+ countries

Channel Sell-in & Sell-out

Program Goals

Eligibility Rules

Payment Rules

Processes over 1 billion transactions

every year

Channel Inventory

Partner Claims

Industry's highest data processing


TruePay Engine

On-demand analytics – Mobile optimized

Partner Payout Validation


Reference Data

Scale and Performance – 99.9% Uptime

On-demand Reporting

Approve Partner Claims

Approve Partner Payouts

Product Master

Omnichannel data management - physical

and digital

Price Master

Payment Execution

Customer Master

90%+ Tier 1 partners on platform

OK to Pay File

Fiscal Calendar

Payment Execution Services

Security and compliance – SSAE16,


...and many more!

24X7 customer and partner-facing


Salesforce CRM and PRM integration

and marketing teams with a unified view of partner performance

within Salesforce CRM.


For customers on Salesforce CRM platform, zymeIncentives

offers pre-built integration using an AppExchange-certified

native application called zymeIncentives for

Salesforce. Partner payouts, both current and historical, and

partner claims are automatically linked to the appropriate

partner accounts within Salesforce, providing channel sales

zymeIncentives for Salesforce also integrates seamlessly with

Salesforce PRM and Partner Communities, enabling visibility

of program performance data to customer and partner users,

as and when required.


Data Sheet


zymeIncentives product modules


Enables sales and marketing teams to define, track, manage, and automate partner rebates

program based on sales of specific SKUs, product families, or partner’s target achievement


Enables identifying and compensating partners for closing a deal (deal registration#)

and fulfilling a special-price deal (SPA# or Offer code)


zymeIncentives for Salesforce

zymeRebates for


AppExchange-certified and managed application that provides the capabilities of the

zymeIncentives - Rebates module on Salesforce CRM instance


for Salesforce

AppExchange-certified and managed application that provides the capabilities of the

zymeIncentives - DealCredit module on Salesforce CRM instance

Benefits of zymeIncentives

Zyme has really helped us

with creating monthly sales

reports and quarterly rebate

calculations for

our channel partners.

Reduces cost of the incentive programs by avoiding incentives overspending and

duplicate payments, thereby improving channel sales margin by 10-15%

Automates the system for claimless incentive calculation and payouts, reducing the

overhead costs associated with manual claims-based calculations, validations and payment

Significantly reduced payout time leads to partner satisfaction, which in turn, turbocharges

partners to out-perform their goals


Engaged partners enable proper sales pipeline visibility and optimized supply-chain

planning, further reducing operational costs for manufacturers

Drive the performance of tier 2 to tier N partners by tracking incentives at the reseller level.

Enables manufacturers to easily administer multi-tiered incentive programs

Provides visibility into each type of incentive at the partner and aggregated level

(region, country, line of business, and others)

Zyme is the world's #1 Channel Data Management (CDM) company, offering the most advanced cloud platform to the world's

leading manufacturers. Zyme empowers the New Smart Channel™, a breakthrough approach to disrupt the status-quo of

sub-optimal channel performance with actionable business insights. Zyme's highly scalable and flexible solutions enable

established industry leaders as well as innovators to implement a robust omnichannel strategy powered by on-demand channel

sales and inventory data.

Zyme's solutions leverage key enabling technologies that include proprietary and powerful algorithms, and rich content directories

to connect data to business value for industry leaders like Amazon, Dell, Microso?, VMware, Fujitsu, Plantronics, Honeywell,

Xerox, Symantec, Lenovo, GoPro, and Seagate. Headquartered in Redwood Shores, CA, Zyme has offices in Texas (US), India,

China and the UK. For more information, visit

Copyright © 2016 Zyme. All rights reserved.