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Shirts and t shirts for Mens PowerPoint Presentation
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Shirts and t shirts for Mens

Shirts and t shirts for Mens

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Shirts and t shirts for Mens

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  1. Shirts and T-Shirts for Men - Buy Online Shirts and T-Shirts for Men

  2. Shirts and T-Shirts for Men - Buy Online Shirts are the most common apparel worn in the fashion industry. Men are now getting to know about the different types of shirts available. Earlier a shirt was just a shirt and there were no types of shirts available other than t-shirts or simple shirts. Now there are lots of variations available in the fashion industry, some of the well-known types of shirts are as follows:

  3. Shirts and T-Shirts for Men - Buy Online Golf or Polo Shirt: A polo or golf shirt is generally a half sleeved shirt having two to three buttons on the placard. The material used is thick; it is knitted and not woven. Sometimes the sleeves and the collar of the polo shirts are stitched with elastic lining. Henley Shirt: A Henley shirt is similar to a polo shirt. The material used is thick. It is a pullover shirt. A Henley follows the pattern that of a polo shirt but a henley does not have a collar. It has a placard with two to three buttons on it. It can be long sleeves with or without cuffs.

  4. Shirts and T-Shirts for Men - Buy Online T-Shirts: T-Shirts widely known as Tees are the most common yet most preferred type of shirts for men. A T-Shirt can be with or without a collar. They are usually causal, light and very comfortable. Dress Shirts: Dress shirts are lightweight shirts for men that are long in length as they are supposed to be worn tucked in with formal trousers and belt. These shirts are cotton shirts having high thread count. They have long sleeves with cuffs. Dress shirts are worn beneath jackets, blazers, suits etc. Generally these shirts are of solid colors having no or a little pattern. Dress shirts are also very common as they are worn by masses on a regular basis. The quality of a shirt depends on the fabric used to produce it. Cotton is the most commonly used fabric for making shirts. Most of the names of the fabrics refer to the method of weaving it.

  5. Shirts and T-Shirts for Men - Buy Online Oxford: The oxford cloth is quite soft and comfortable. It is a heavier fabric used to make shirts. Oxford shirts are classic shirts in which only the threads running in one direction are dyed and the others are left white. Pinpoint oxford shirts are silkier and more formal. Royal oxford shirts are finer. Since the fabric used in oxford shirts is heavy it is more suitable for slightly cold climate. Chambray: Chambray has originated from Cambrai, a French city. Made from plain weave with a colored warp and white weft, the finishing gives it the appeal of a denim fabric. It is a light fabric, used for making Shirts, handkerchiefs and other such items. Popular among many designer labels Shirts made from this fabric look refreshingly new when combined with Prints. Herringbone: Herringbone describes a unique V-shaped pattern that is a part of the twill family. The fabric is usually wool and not cotton. It generally used in making outerwear, heavy shirts or suits. The pattern is called herringbone because it seems like the skeleton of a herring fish.

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