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men s sportswear clothes n.
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Men's Sportswear Clothes PowerPoint Presentation
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Men's Sportswear Clothes

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Men's Sportswear Clothes
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Men's Sportswear Clothes

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  1. Men’s Sportswear Clothes Sportswear

  2. A trademark of the company, Dry Best , is a fabric particularly engineered for the heat and this environment wear one tends to sweat a lot. It’s Advanced Moisture Wicking Technology, helps absorb moisture in such a way that one’s clothes do not get drenched in sweat during a rigorous session of exercising. Thus , proving to be one of our best innovation in clothing. Zobello, in the SS15 Collection, provides style and class, to this very sportswear by offering a varied colors and sporty designs to make your practice and workout session more stylish. Men’s Sportswear Clothes

  3. Style1 : This sleeveless tee, with three patch chest and Kangaroo pockets provides a perfect solution to beat the hit. #Style2 : An all time classic, Men’s Sportswear is this, DriBest, Crew Neck with stich details. Men’s Sportswear Clothes

  4. #Style3: To play with blacks, one could either go in for a black tee, with contrast neck and sleeve. #Style 4: Or one can become more daring and go for the black tee with contrast side patches. A person, with a petite figure should go with this style Men’s Sportswear Clothes

  5. #Style 5: Get the contrast collared look, in DriBest. Try a game of Polo or Golf , with this fabric. #Style 6: The blend of color and style which would make one look their thin best. Men’s Sportswear Clothes

  6. #Style 7: These Twill Polyester pants, with side reflectors complete the athletes look completely. #Style 8: Micro Poly Tracks with a breathable mesh coupled with a Dupoint Teflon finish to provide water proofing. Men’s Sportswear Clothes

  7. #Style 9 : These Joggers shorts made of Polyester Twill, with a breathable lining are perfect to complete the sporty look with shorts. Zobello , believes that even sports people can dress up in style and yet be comfortable at the same time . Sportswear , is one of the hottest selling categories at Zobello. Men’s Sportswear Clothes

  8. Thanks for Visiting Here Visit online Men’s Fashion Store Men’s Sportswear Clothes