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Exceptional Golf Gift Ideas Which You Can Buy For Yourself - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exceptional golf gift ideas which you can buy for yourself

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Exceptional Golf Gift Ideas Which You Can Buy For Yourself

If you love playing golf then you might still crave for some golf equipment that you still don’t have. You

might have even dreamed and ogled on what is the best and in-demand equipment in the golf industry.

You might have even looked for the finest golf gadgets in the nearby market but those well-coveted gifts

are too expensive. Well, it would not hurt to add these coveted golf gifts in your bucket, providing your

closest friends and relatives an inkling of what wonderful gadgets you have on those special occasions.

Here are some of the most distinctive gifts that you can buy under $ 100

Sure, sturdy duffel bags and golf ball set speaks volumes but there are some uncommon gifts that you

could only wish you could have. Here are few of them.

1. The golf-finger collector’s (A set that consists of golf balls)

These are certainly not your regular golf gifts. If you are an ardent follower of James Bond particularly

the scene where the agent 007 and Auric Gold-finger were playing golf, then you might have seen the

scene in which Bond uses the Pen fold Heart golf balls. This scene became a sensation, especially in the

golf industry. So, this could become a perfect golf lover gift idea.

2. Another perfect golf lover gift idea is the DVD of the movie Hogan Versus Snead Play

Yes, embrace yourself with this movie. Not many know that this DVD is one of the most preferred golf

lover gift ideas. The movie is one of those classic golf games that can only be done once in history. The

story beautifully showcases the play between two great golf legends ben Hogan and Sam Snead. Both

players were at the peak of their golf career in the movie, in it, the story also demonstrates the classic

golf display and golf enthusiast. The movie costs around $ 20.

3. Stimpmeter

Any golf lover would appreciate the importance of stamp meter. It is a device that is used to gauge and

calculate the pace of a putting green by allowing a ball to roll down the ramp. This way the distance

traveled can be measured. But remember, you cannot just buy one in a store. Plus, not many know that

only a USGA officer can buy many at one from the store. For regular golfers, you cannot own one as it is

not sold to the public. But here is the good news; you can have a similar replica of it too. Yes, one of the

cheapest and most loved golf lover gift ideas is also available in the market. Such a golf gift costs $65.

Last but not the least you have to understand that not all gifts come under $100. If you will increase

your money bar you might be able to serve yourself with better gifts. In short, buy the gift you have

longed for.


Exceptional golf gift ideas which you can buy for yourself

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