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Zenith Sales

Zenith is an authorized distributor of Test and Measurement instruments of highly renowned brands Nagman Instruments and Micro Process Controls. We supply best quality pressure gauges, temperature gauges and accessories at very competitive prices. Contacts: Zenith Sales

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Zenith Sales

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  1. info@zenithinstruments.com.au www.zenithinstruments.com.au

  2. Contents • What We Do • Our Service • Our Products • Contact us

  3. What We Do • Zenith provides comprehensive calibration services for a wide range of Instruments in various fields such as • Manufacturing, • Engineering, • Mining, • Petro-chemical, • Food industry, • Avionics, • Medical, • Laboratories, • Pharmaceutical • Warehouses, and many more.

  4. Our Service • Calibration Services Electrical and electronic calibration services for testing, measurement and control instruments. Pressure gauges provide accurate pressure measurement for industrial, ultra high purity, clean dry air, and sanitary settings. Zenith Provides medical equipment testing and medical equipment calibration services for GP surgeries, health centres and hospitals.

  5. Our Products • Calibration Products • Temperature Calibrators • Black Body Calibrators • Pressure Calibrators • Signal Calibrators • Dead Weight Testers • Measurement Products • Pressure Gauges • Temperature Gauges • Manometer • Rotameter • Laboratory

  6. Black Body Calibrators NAGMAN BBSD Range: 50 to 300°C & 250 to 600°C Accuracy: ±0.5% Space Saver Calibrator for Simultaneous Measurement of Low & Medium Temperatures NAGMAN BBSH-VH BBSH: 500 to 1200°C Accuracy: ±0.05% F.S. BBS-VH: 500°C to 1300°C bar Accuracy: Better than 3°C Table-top / Bench-top Version for High & Very High Temperatures (upto 1300°C) NAGMAN BBSL-M BBSL : 10°C above Ambient to 350°C Accuracy: ±0.5% (Min. 1°C) BBSM : 20°C above Ambient to 600°C Accuracy: ±0.5% (Min. 2°C)

  7. Signal Calibrators NAGMAN 8155 Digital Multimeter Capability to Measure :DC/AC Voltages, Current, Frequency, Resistance, Temperature Basic Accuracy : ±0.02% F.S. 5½ digit Dual Display Multimeter with Large LCD Screen NAGMAN Combical 1415 Capability to Measure & Stimulate: DC Voltages, DC Current, Frequency,Thermocouples, RTD & Pulse Basic Accuracy : ±0.02% Combination of Temperature & Loop Calibrator in a sleek leather carrying case with shoulder strap for easy Transportation NAGMAN 980+ Digital Multimeter Capability to Measure :DC/AC Voltages, Current, Frequency, Resistance Basic Accuracy : ±0.05% F.S. 4½ digit handheld Digital Multimeter .

  8. Zenith Sales & Calibrations Pty Ltd Contact us: Unit 22, 9 Salisbury Rd, Castle Hill NSW 2154, Australia Phone: +61 2 9680 8765 info@zenithinstruments.com.au www.zenithinstruments.com.au

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