should we be investing in lda city right now n.
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House For sale in lahore

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House For sale in lahore - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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should we be investing in lda city right now

Should we be investing in LDA city right now?

In Lahore there are very few residential and commercial societies which have shown much activity

in the field of real estate over the last few months. One of the potential projects which can actually

increase the investment activity is the Lahore Developmental Authority which is widely known as

the LDA city. This city and society we have chosen because the balloting is very near and people

are interested to know about the prices of different houses in this society. Let’s get into the details

of some of the following points:

Project Details

LDA city is an ideal location because it is located on Ferozepur Road which is located near the

infant Ring Road interchange on Gaju Matah. The basic idea which the developers have in their

mind is to make it the largest housing society in Punjab. The land in phase I has been acquired

completely whereas for the other sectors the land acquisition process still continues.

If you are a routine newspaper reader then you must know that much has been published in the

newspaper regarding those people who sacrificed their lands in order to have a proper society

establish on the ground.

The ballot

Earlier this month, the director of LDA General Zahid Akhtar Zaman issued official statement that

balloting will be held really soon but no such official statement regarding the date was given.

However after having conversation with the property agents who are dealing that area, much has

been revealed about the society and there are rumors taking the rounds that the balloting might

take place at the end of March.

the first ballot which will be done is for phase

The first ballot which will be done is for Phase I which stretches on an area of 30,000 kanals of

land. LDA is all set to ballot 5 marla, 10 marla , 1 kanal and 2 kanal plot files. However only those

files will be considered for which the exemption letters have been issued. The LDA stuff is

working day and night to issue exemption letters, in other words the senior management and staff

of LDA is all set to be looking forward to the balloting.

However as for the exemption letters, only the ones which have the plots dues cleared will be

issued. LDA is expected to ballot around 8000 plots and will shift the other plots in the next batch

of ballots. However the final decision is much awaited.

Society map

It is also being heard that LDA has officially got the map of the society prepared in the market and

is working on giving it a professional touch. The stakeholders are curious to know if it is actually

true and even if it is , then when are the public announcements going to be made? However some

agents have claimed to have a map which has the basic division of a few sectors with no proper

numbering of the plots.

When the final map will be issued, it will be at that time that everyone will know about what’s

actually going on. We can just request the readers to wait for the official map which hasn’t been

issued as yet. However in any way we do not mean to say that anything unofficial is authentic, the

agents have their own ways of presenting things.

development status

Development Status

Development work has begun and is being completed really fast. Work is going on in LDA’s sector

3, 4 and 5, where work on streets, land and sewerage lines has been completed with now the

attention of the developers shifting towards completing the 300 feet main boulevard that passes

through different sectors. Almost the work is halfway through.

However the 300 feet wide road which connects the main entrance of society with Gaju Matah is

open for traffic and people to use. The work which is being done on the sports stadium is almost


Latest Trends

As already revealed by the sources, the interest in LDA is increasing and we are all set to

experience this interest crowding up in the coming days. All the real estate investors are keen to

buy those files which have their letters exempted. As per some sources the transfer of many files

has also stopped. The last date to apply for the letters was 31st December, 2017.

as for the new buyers of real estate in lda city

As for the new buyers of real estate in LDA city, the demand for 5 marla and 10 marla plots is

significantly high.

Keep reading our blogs and in the coming blogs we will let you know about the rates of different

plots in the city.

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