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Makeup is an art which helps giving you a different look. It helps you to raise your personality and standard of living. In the market, there are a lot of tools available for makeup, but here in this Presentation we have described some essential tools. If you want to know more about these tools, go through this presentation, hope it will help you.

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Foundation: Foundation is a

cosmetic product that you need

to apply on your face before

makeup. It is generally used for

making your skin complexion

uniform and to hide all the

flaws present on your skin. It

can change your natural skin-


Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is a powder type

product, which is applied on the

eyelids and under the eyebrows.

It is basically used to make your

eyes attractive and can also

change your eye appearance. It

is available in different colors

and texture.

Eye Liner

Eye liner is also a cosmetic

product, which is used to define

the shape of your eye. It is

applied around the contours of

your eye. You can apply your

liner thicker and thinner as well.

It is now available in different

color and texture.


Mascara is also a cosmetic

product, which is used to enhance

the look of your eyelashes. It is

available in three forms, i.e. liquid,

cake and cream. It gives a proper

finishing to your eyes and add

volume to your lashes.


Blusher is usually used by

women to make their cheeks

reddish, which help to make the

cheeks glowing. It is available in

two forms: cream form and

powder form.


There are many products, which

help you to make your lips

attentive such as lipstick, lip

gloss, lip balm, etc. But lipstick

gives a more attractive look to

your lips, because of its unique

texture. It is also available in

different colours.

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