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Non Invasive Facelift Sydney

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Non Invasive Facelift Sydney - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Yes! Apart from surgery, there is a Non Surgical Facelift Sydney to firm and tighten skin, in a 1 hour non invasive treatment.  Book your appointment, slowing down the ageing process.\n\n

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how non invasive liposuction works and celluite

How Non Invasive

Liposuction Works

and Celluite Body


When you want to remove fat

without surgery non-invasive

liposuction is a good choice. It

can be done on your arms, legs,

stomach, hips, and face.

We use ultrasound and other

technologies to heat the fat cells

in the body so they are

eliminated naturally.

it helps you lose inches around the waist stomach

It helps you lose inches around

the waist, stomach, arms and

legs often taking off inches in

about 6-12 weeks. During the 1/2

hour to one-hour treatment, the

doctor will move the device

around the area to be treated.

minor pain and side effects may occur cellulite

Minor pain and side effects may

occur. Cellulite body wraps help

purify the skin and remove

impurities. They improve

circulation and shed water

weight and cellulite.

diet and exercise with these treatments improve

Diet and exercise with these

treatments improve results. Call

Your Sanctuary Day Spa to

learn more about non-invasive

liposuction Sydney and cellulite

body wraps Sydney to set up an

appointment at +61 2 9360 5000.


Address: 38 Saunders St,

Pyrmont NSW 2009, Australia

Phone: +61 418 445 469